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I had three drinks and it they went down like water because it is so hot you celebrated an event not hammered you celebrate an event I did I celebrated my fifth or sixth birthday. Happy Birthday by the way also not only did you celebrate your birthday but you also got remarried to your ex yesterday because at one point Dylan Call Japan Paul Dillon Gay but the host of the show now. I'M GONNA throw down now now. That doesn't mean we got remarried. That just means Dylan forgot my married name. I have a question so most most people do that. I have a question I've asked you this before. Because I really really do love Jake I think he's made some questionable decisions but so of I we live a lot of our live in front of the camera and we're GonNa make mistakes and we tend to make more of them than everyone else but it's fine. I don't think I'm not done okay all right. My question is this. I've I've always wanted a little brother. Is there any chance you would conceive another child with Gregg Paul. That is a hundred percent no but I have another plan so I was just babysitting Halston I mean he was her music. Halsey the fish fam- Halston and I I'M GONNA I'm GonNa take her. I think they're going to give her to me so I can have grandchildren when you say you want to produce one way. When you say you were you were sitting in Austin? You're babysitting Austin mcbroom mall stint halston Austin mcdonell Halston Halston holidays guys. It was nice. Yeah I love. I love George but we're talking babies. I WANNA grandchild. I'm working on it. Okay all right. I've made it very clear by the way right right vessel vessel no. It's not a best dad. I we're talking about this way here. A woman and I were talking about this on the way here. Mike is convinced that you are an alien because you're not even using any any real terms. You're just you're looking for a vest vassal in your life. I don't know how I'm not going to sugarcoat this. I'm not ready for a relationship. Both of you know that I want a very well put together woman with phenomenal genetics to carry a child of mine relationship deanship. You care about the person ideally yes but here's why here's why so we're at Jacob Tana's wedding. I'm just concerned they might conceive and have a baby before me well. What if the child becomes a mass murderer which taunt Jake and tanner his his this child that he's looking? Let's let's back this up here on this planet Short Pam Paul who thinks all is ready for fucking child. That is the scariest yeah I was ready to nominee deaths. We've had in the house over the past few months. Yeah animals are being eaten. Can you imagine ginger with the baby because no one's watching it. The baby crawling beans. I would take the baby bro if ginger has not consumed evan yet. The baby stands a chance on God..

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