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Now after gray under police radio network all right we'll get ready for the next firestorm in the nfl bob mcnair who owns the houston texans was at the meeting of the nfl owners and league 'executive and they were talking about the player protest and bob mcnair said that we should avoid having the inmates running the prison wall the humanity it's an expression you dummies it can we please get over this why do we have to be why does it have to always just peace taken so literally you can't cut somebody some slack for just using an expression that's older than fire mcnair made the comment as he urged the room to consider the effect of the and the meeting took place in new york one day after the small group of owners had met with a handful of players nfl executive troy vincent of four former player later stood up at the end of the meeting and went over to mcnair and told him just how offended he was i am i am offended now i've been called a lot of things he said every name in the book including the n word but he never felt like an inmate so obviously that puts mcnair on the defensive all i'm sorry i didn't mean to offend anybody i mean it like that now he says i regret i use the expression i never meant to offend anyone and i was not referring to our players i used to figure of speech that was never intended to be taken literally i would never characterize our players or our league that way and i apologize to anyone who was offended by kind of dumb thing that could actually lose him the team in this day and age it's frightening thank you you just use yeah we can have the inmates run in the prison and then they take it so literally the the make it into a racial thing.

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