Nick Bonino, Houston, Stevenson discussed on CBS Sports Radio


Two yards on the pick up Nick Bonino makes the tackle what the error K. it's his offense going there now in the red zone Houston has the ball the ropes right now that was just the quarterback counter the right door right tax included both Oklahoma Sooners detectors way over rated and now a penalty flag before the snap of the football Oklahoma buddy jumped Sooners defensive unit went on the first clap they were coming hard won all star on my apparently Stevenson also was fooled on that first lap of the football and that will at least stop the bleeding momentarily for the Oklahoma defense as Houston moves back five yards apparently a referee bike Roach is from New England zero full stop that was the focus of the microphone and it is better now it's good for some I could really hear that New England accent first in fifteen now for the twenty three yard line five twelve to go here the second quarter what's coming in Texas yeah don't set off the safety valve by quarter right side of the ten twenty three yards of the safety valve throw to Kyle Porter and Houston gets on the board and may be back in the game four fifty eight to go with the second it's Oklahoma.

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