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The phone. He's like ask Evan he does it. He's like all possible rumor. You're going to. You're going to throw a thirty years of friendship over a room here. Let me show you the road map of how to get back to friendships. Actually it's more like instructions had the wagon. Could you take a look at these for me? Thank you so different. Who made these stupid things G so I'M GONNA go yell at her? I mean he really says like maybe we can work things out and being a good place. Because she's my this framing Blah Blah Blah. So he marching back in there but he also says it's weird thing where he's like you know. I thought I think that like I haven't been getting clearly because I haven't had my of thirty years I've been in this dark place and apply. See in her is all makes sense. Sound like you are you push. Jeff Bishop your friend of thirty years and then you're blaming the fact that she's not there why you've been in this dark place while you push away. I don't really get that. That's that's Raza and also he's doing this. I've obviously after the scene shot. So he's like making himself sound like Oh. I'm just going to go talk to her because maybe we can work it out when that's not what he's doing like he's like no marching in there with the Senate you know and yes yes. He marches he marches up to her while she's talking decimate she goes getaway from me. Just get away. Who get away burying embarrassed. Aren't you embarrassed? Your up? Raza embarrassed atom hops over. And he's got like towel around his neck like he's like looks like he's waiting for pickup after swim practice or something. You know like just had his neighbor's house so we have over and Jay's like you know what you're discussed to radishes you're discussing person go back to your stupid husband cheat each other. Go to bath houses. Believe this one. You don't even know that this one you know damn well I have been authentic okay and I am authentic. You're in like literally a blonde wig right now. By the way we can't we can't overlook the fact that they just totally dropped the bomb by doing that. I mean I'm Jay. Played thirty two resumes dirty but Jay is not afraid to play dirty two houses John. Each Other. Believe you're stupid as band savings like women in the hospital and you're not embarrassed me against me too if you so. She just throws a drink in his face and he doesn't he doesn't even really Flan. She just keeps going and does things like not cool. Stop yourself boy boy boy adams like hey shut the fuck APP. You should be home with your kid back L. Which is like the most obnoxious thing men say to women right? You should be home taking care of your kid it. Such it is such a terrible thing to not not terrible but it's so it's so Layered with deep-rooted misogynist. Things like that's what a woman should be doing at home care of her kid. It's so it's so so nasty. Yeah Adam maybe you could go home and take care of your kid if your husband hadn't spent all the money secretly on shampoo instead of having a kid you little too so adams like you almost died. What's your baby would even dealing here and Mike. Oh my God I'm going to slap the shit out of Mike goes up and screams of Adam is like fuck you think you are a woman. I was like Yes camp. How are we cheering for Mike? I know every now and then Mike Mike has always had this thing. Where he's just so idiotic and so awful and then he'll randomly have moments of great moral clarity and he's like who do you think you are. Who Do you think you are and then? Mj is like to Razz. She's like you're the one who cheated on him. He cheated on you. It has nothing to do with shutting. Finish her sentence because then Raza yells down in front of the entire Party of people who don't know them you had ted abortions. Your uterus exploded because you had ten abortions my God Jesus Christ I mean that's that's a low even for Raza. Wow Geez like raw ryan residue G G set on the show. She thinks she's having trouble with childbirth because she had abortions when she like. Why how are you? How are you cheering on someone shaming a woman's right to choose or using that information like this disgust? Yeah I mean I don't even know how truthful whatever he said was just matters to specifically is shaming her for that you're right and it's is it was gross. It was again an misogynist again. It was it was bleeding and by the way. I'm no medical professional but I know enough that I'm not a medical professional so I don't know if there's a link between between what happened to their uterus and whatever procedure she may have had and it just it's gross that he would also maybe even insinuate that on a national television level. That the that you know that could happen. You know when you're not. He's not a doctor. I don't know I don't know how they're linked but it just the whole thing was gross. Yeah it was really bad and Mike. Like what the fuck are you doing bro? Ooh Then marches outside and he's screaming. Fuck you people. And then he goes into a Bush which I guess is production. It's like Tamra Barney in the bus book. You people you motherfucker Elias Book. You Adams Adams like a wet little dog. What has his come over like completely melted. Howl you know. He's still like hoping that he gets to go to the good humor truck after this and raises like resume finds up production binder. I'm assuming and just throws it and all of his papers go everywhere fuck you people pieces of Shit and I'm assuming actually when he was saying fuck you people that he was actually yelling at the producers so yeah he was saying fuck you you motherfucking liars so I guess. They told him that she wasn't back or something like she wasn't coming back to the show. Either she either. She wasn't back to the show or she wasn't on the the Suit lists for this party. I don't know what it was but apparently they told him to get whatever it is. I think that the punishment does not fit the crime in this case for whatever resume feels. Mj was up to. I think that that his reactions to it have been so above and beyond. I'm not exonerating. Mgm saying that she some sort of angel but if she was in a hospital bed and she's your friend of thirty years and you're hearing gossip the gossip to the side and you go with your friend for like at least you that you know and then to go and just said's just horrific things and she said bad things to at this party but that was so crossing line was terrible why. I think that she was justified. I mean she was saying nasty things but she already said that everybody. She already said at that reunion last year that everybody knows that they have an open relationship. Or there's something like that so it wasn't like that was really new information. She's just like your husband cheated like you're always cheating on each other like what the fuck. Yeah go you know like what are you yelling at me for? Your husband got caught cheating on you and you're yelling at me. Put the fuck. Yeah because the debate is really about whether or not Jenga naked Jenga happened. The debate is not whether or not Adam sent those pick stat alley. The the debate is was MJ. Trying to break shit up which is always like so annoying when there are. These issues is what we saw. Jacks and what Jackson Britney went through. Which is it's they win. They went after James Right. It's never like oh it's like a deflection of what the real issue is an anger that someone would dare to bring it up and you shake the foundation of shoddy relationship. And she like said she'd probably was like you guys are always doing this. And now you're GonNa yell at me for saying something that everyone already knows. As if I'm trying to comfort you when you guys are the ones that are always doing this. Yep really really gross. Wow Wow why? Are we go into the saw sunset? So how can they go? We'll see it's only episode six so it must see TV. Unlike I'm totally totally into the season shots. It's been a long time. I've been this into the into a season of Shaw's like this wrapped up in it. Who thought who thought it'd be more wrapped them than this than than some. The other shows that we haven't been able to cover yet. I have really liked to see resume. His do one day on so he's not really ever gotten it. People have tried but he is so nasty that no one can come up against him so I guess if anyone could tempt them Jay yeah they actually kind of have an amazing relationship The two of them. I don't know is it? Perhaps you experience it's dangerous liaisons or cruel intentions like Reese Witherspoon and the Ryan Philip J. I mean no. It wasn't it was Right Philip a answer Geller right like they kind of have this relationship that we've seen the so so many times before in literature and other pieces of art so defined finally the reality. Tv In this way is kind of great which is neither literature nor art. No no got it okay. I'm not I'm just trying to elevate this discussion. The point is it was. It's your everything you just mentioned is way too. Good for that in yeah. I'm not going to soccer myself. I was like I already started so I have to see it through. And then now the sentences over. We're GONNA forget that I ever talked about. I will not cast from these people as Greg. Close Glinka little people all right. Everybody thinks so much for being here. We will talk to you tomorrow. When we're back with little.

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