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Recorded the first hour. Because it. I knew it was going to be emotionally grueling than it is rush. Limbaugh spoke fifteen hours a week. Roughly forty eight weeks a year so fifteen hours a week. Forty eight weeks a year for thirty three years. That's twenty three thousand seven hundred sixty hours of radio. The left is trying to define him by about fifty things. They think he said that we're awful. Forty of those things were taken out of context. Five of them. He said he probably shouldn't have said in in five of them. Maybe they have a case. I don't know but To have that few things to attack rush limbaugh over twenty three thousand seven hundred sixty hours of airtime over thirty. Three years is remarkable. I do five hours a day now. Three hours days is tough. The other two are. Just i basically get to recap the chauffeur of the atlanta audience. I i wouldn't be doing any of it but for him. And i'm sorry to hook the time it's my show you can get your own show. I miss my friend. Partisans will define him By the things they didn't like but if you are defined in history by your enemies and your virtues are revealed by your enemies then rush limbaugh's virtues were love america and a love of the common man and a love of rugged individualism of the constitution. And today he gets to hand back in the talent that had been loaned to him. Straight into the hands of god. God speed rush Words scratched george Say spun food Oh man Is fun Cons is blah And welcome it. Is eric erickson here. I am. I'm i'm up to doing the show live now. Y'all i'm sorry it's just This this one's hard the full number. If you wanna be a part of the program. I would love to take your calls on rush. I know a lot of you have thoughts on him. The full number is eight. Seven seven nine seven eric. Eight seven seven nine seven three seven four to five..

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