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During the general election. Fulton County Election officials say 183,000 absentee ballots were mailed out across that county and as of Tuesday today, They've received 108,000 of the back of top election official and George is saying it could be up to two days before final results are in. Meantime, crowds of President Trump's supporters have already started together in Washington, D. C. Mike Tobin has more Supporters of President Trump are pouring into D C to rally and pressure Congress ahead of the certification of the electoral College votes with names like Stop the Steel Rally for Revival and March to Save America. The demonstrations are the last challenge before Congress makes the election of Joe Biden and Kamila Harris official. Despite loss after loss in the courts, dedicated Trump supporters still insist Election was stolen and the outcome can be changed. DC storefronts are once again boarding up as demonstrations in the spring summer and last month turned violent. Metro Police have posted signs warning demonstrators that firearms are not permitted in Metro D C or within 1000 ft of a First Amendment event. Congress will meet tomorrow to counted confirm each state's electoral votes on the presidential election. But group of Republicans are planning the challenge. The Electoral College votes Senator Josh Holly and Ted Cruz, spearheading the efforts to challenge the results that have called for commission. Would investigate the alleged voter fraud here in San Diego. There are now 32 cases involving the more contagious UK strain of the Corona virus, now confirmed in set, Eagle County. There are 24 new cases and four probable cases that have been reported in San Diego, In addition to the four cases already announced one person's been sent to the hospital. The 32 overall cases ranged in age from under tend to over 70 and Chila Vista, Lakeside, La Mesa and the city of San Diego, and the two dozen new cases come from 19 different households. There was no confirmed travel history. But doctors in San Diego now are being asked to forward positive results from people who traveled from the UK or overseas to the county. This strain is not to be more contagious, though not more severe, and people believed be protected from it by the Corona virus Vaccines. Jack Runako News, the county today reported 56 more deaths from a covert 19. There have been close to 200 deaths and Santa Go County reported over the last week with a total now of 1654 total covert related deaths since the start of the pandemic. The county reported 1814 new cases. That's down the more than 3000 the day before. And if you're feeling lucky, tonight's mega millions drawing is worth 432 million bucks. Now, 11 last night cap each option, by the way, comes out to just shy of $330 million. There's also a giant Powerball jackpot up for grabs tomorrow night. It's 504. Let's check out the freeways. Now, with Coco's real time traffic Here's my Ken Cup. Afternoon from your helpful sending you go. 100 dealers Traffic center looking pretty good on the coastline. Five is only 29 minutes. How we 52 down to Palm Avenue. He's bound 70, a little tight in San Marcos and the North 15. That's where the traffic is from Rainbow Valley up to the 79 Winchester Road..

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