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The most aren't the ones hurt the most by teachers strike Olivia Udovicki is apparent in kindergarten teacher at men's Anita seed in the fruitvale district. She says she's doing this for those kids. I am going on strike because the students the students in my schools, but especially those students coming from low income families deserve a lot more. So they deserve small class sizes. They deserve teachers who stay in the. In the profession longer than five years longer than two years, and they deserve that their schools aren't getting shut down. The goal is to be able to feed twelve hundred students on Thursday and Friday, which bear rising director Kimmy says is a fraction of the kids who go to school in the two poorest districts can accommodate twenty thousand there's no way we can make meals. It's not where although and here's we're all doing this. With two days notice. So. Banks and other food donation programs to figure out this last more than a week. We'll have food resources in the aren't thinking about the family. Rely on. In oakland. Megan gold, speak KCBS. We'll consider updating its decades-old local firearms sales laws KCBS is marquee. Schaefer reports the goal is to reduce gun violence and prompt more regional laws. Straw purchasers. Are those who have another person execute paperwork needed to buy a gun from a dealer studies show straw, purchasing a major source of guns used in crime. And you suicides we owed this commitment of reducing the accessibility of guns to those who should not have them to all victims of gun. San Jose police chief Eddie Garcia endorses. The proposed San Jose law that would require video and audio recording of gun purchases training of staff inventory checks and point of purchase suicide prevention sign edge. This is not a cure all this is a step forward at a San Jose mayor Sam Accardo who stood flanked by gun safety advocates including pastor Danny Sanchez who works with young gang members. It breaks my heart. Have to be up here and share that we need. We do need a way to curb the violence is center three. This isn't San Jose. The council will consider the rules in the coming weeks in San Jose market, Schaefer, KCBS, the Trump administration will cancel nearly one billion dollars in funding for the California bullet train from San Francisco to Los Angeles and the president wants to state to return an additional two and a half billion. It's already spent the project has faced cost overruns and years of delays. And no longer has the full support of the governor, however, Gavin Newsom says this is clearly an active political retribution by President Trump after California and fifteen other states sued his administration over last week's declaration of a national border emergency and former President Obama was an Oakland today to discuss ways to empower young men of color, KCBS Kerry who two separate ports from a town hall.

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