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Yes. Galilea LA vibe. Irene kalani, this is democracy. Now democracy now dot or the warrant piece report Mamie Goodman with one Gonzales, we're continuing our discussion with his really investigative journalist. Then Bergman author of a stunning book on the long secretive history of Israel's extrajudicial killing program rise and kill. I the secret history of Israel's targeted Sassa nations. It's a book that Isreaeli intelligence officials desperately tried to prevent Bergman from writing they even changed and extended secrecy laws to prevent him from gaining access to historical documents despite their efforts Bergman gained unprecedented access while writing the book meeting with thousands of sources from Israel political leaders massad heads to the assassins themselves. He also obtained thousands of classified documents luminated the shadowy corners of Israel spy agents. The result is an exhaustive eliminating investigation that die. Deep into the targeted killing programs of Israel, which is the SAS naked more people than any other country in the western world since World War Two at looks at the way, Israel's assassination program has influenced America's post nine eleven foreign policy underbush as well as President Obama Ronen. Bergman writes on the book's prologue nowadays when the same kind of extrajudicial killing that Israel has used for decades is being used daily by America against its enemies. It's appropriate to study, the high moral price that's been paid for the use of such power Ronen Bergman we thank you for staying with us, again, we're getting a number of hits on this Tel-Aviv satellite. So we're gonna try to stick with you as long as we can hear you. But in the note on your sources at the beginning of your book, you talk about how difficult it was to get access. You say petition to the supreme court for an order forcing compliance with the law. That was to get you information with. Drag out over years with the complicity of the court ended with nothing but an amendment to the law itself. The secrecy provisions were extended from fifty to seventy years longer than the history of the state, many Incheon bet and Mossad were warned not to speak to you. How did you get access to this information? And what did you find?.

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