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Pleasure and privilege known him for many years now and. I thought you buy. Here a little bit. Piece of music. I thought it was actually quite good. Well produced. Thank you. I haven't heard that for years. But wow, it's it's actually it's great to hear and it's more procreate now than ever before. So thanks a little flashback. They're just finished talking with Carmine a piece of the vanilla fudge, which is before your time. Older bet bogert nap ac- and an apiece. Pardon said apathy, we had a discussion about the pronunciation of his name. So it's only right that we should play of your music. That was well produced were just for just for giggles, where Where'd you record that? Record that in my home studio, believe it or not. Background in music and vocals and so on. So I just put that to use and just just work it out over a period of few weeks. The the music was actually licensed and then edited and then I laid down vocals on top of the music. This program has turned into something actually quite extraordinary amazingly unexpected, which is exactly the way. Well, okay. Let's let's look I tell people I play rock and roll music all the time because it keeps you young, and it makes you strong, and you're going to be needing to keep a youngest mindset and remain strong. As we as we go headlong into the future that a bunch of weirdos have mapped out for us. I'll tell you from the Blasio to the collapse Venezuela now. Looking at natural news. It says it right here. Cannibalism socialism's collapse of Fenice weathe- now leading to citizens of looting human corpses for anything that can be traded for food. It's so insane. John, you know, so much has changed since we last talked. It's been almost maybe a couple of years. I'm sorry about the fall too. I mean, we're also busy just trying to survive in our own independent media operations under this tyranny of censorship. You know, was you know, we really don't talk that much all of us. So whenever gonna chance to talk, but what's happening in Venezuela, in my opinion. This is going to happen in many liberal cities across America. It has. The projection toward that has begun in Seattle, Chicago, it's begun in San Francisco, and it's going to continue to accelerate to the point where every person who can will lead liberal cities, and they had to you know, taxes Zona, Utah, Nevada other places is already begun. Specifically what has begun? The the collapse of habitability look at Seattle. The government. There is funding. The drug addiction problem you have mass homelessness in San Francisco. You have needles and human feces all over the streets so much that the city has published, you know, an app pointing out where the feces you're kidding me. No, no. They have a human feces map app. Poop out. It really. Oh, no. I tell people it's not going to be distorted it is distortion look around. It certain areas, and you look at the financial projections cities like Chicago based on the promises they've made to pensioners and retirees according to projections that I saw published today on zero hedge they're going to have to dedicate over fifty percent of city revenues to just paying retirees. I mean, the city's budget will go to that. That's unsustainable. You means you can't pay for cops fire protection emergency services, roads, bridges, you, basically, the city government just becomes a pension hub. And eventually it has to stop paying because it can't afford it. And then you have the people used to work with the city become the new wave of homeless, and this is going to happen in the years ahead because it's not sustainable can't work. Like this president. I don't know how you feel about him. But I like him a lot. Now, he said, hey, you know, what we're going to direct those migrants that are in detention now and just just let him go into the sanctuary cities. I'm not sure if that's a threat or if it's a plan. But I think it's a brilliant. You'll you want a bunch of migrants. Okay. We're going to send him straight to your city. And by the way, when you call screaming for help to the federal government. Look what Trump is done to us. That's going to make a really interesting little platform plank in my platform for twenty twenty that you insisted on them being here. And now you've got him up to your neck. So you deal with it. It's koneohe why not you know. Well, I saw that as as some very appropriate Trump humor. He, you know, he's not afraid to poke a stick in the eye of the rain, lawless Democrats, and when they declare a sanctuary city, right? They say, well, we're not going to buy federal law. We're gonna protect illegal. Then basically, I think what Trump says you wanna legals will give you a legal just drop them off their bus amend, drop them off see how that works out for you. The problem is of course, that in California all these illegals end up being given voting rights, and they get counted in the census. So then California gets more members of congress. And and congressional seats are taken away from other states where citizens are and in California's senators are elected by illegals voting, which means that national federal policy is now determined by illegal votes. So that's gotta stop because we're losing we're losing the country. There was in the Republic. It's almost gone. On. We've got to stop illegal votes from overriding the votes of citizens. It makes no sense to me how anybody who is a rational thinking individual with an IQ of above is let's say seventy let's be generous could could submit for our consideration letting illegal aliens foreign nationals illegally enter our country, and then vote in our national state and local elections while being subsidize with taxpayer money. I don't get it beyond irrational. It's criminal. It's this is a this is a criminal conspiracy to overthrow our. Well, you say democracy. But of course, as you know, it's a constitutional Republic. And they are the Democrats are trying to overrun it. They're trying to destroy it from within. And I've said before and I'm not afraid to say this on your show that what those Democrats, especially those in California like Feinstein and former governor Jerry Brown as what they what they have done. They're really makes them enemies of the people are enemies of this Republic, and I've called for President Trump to arrest them and charge them with conspiracy to carry out an insurrection against the United States suffer, but to see military police dispatch to California and to arrest the governor and the mayors of the cities that are sanctuary cities. But maybe just you know, send busloads of illegals. Their first and then and then maybe arrest of I don't know, but I'm calling for their arrest to add. In fact, there are several people out there that we will go into a on on art midnight. But we will go into it. And we do go into on caravan to midnight. We can pretty much talk. Whatever we talked about whatever we want how ever long we want. They're going to be a bunch of arrests. And these people are absolutely going down like this thing, Julian Assange, wait ten testifies. If the DNC they they're going to have a hole blown in their cover story and the pedestrian as you you've covered the pedestrians. You know, how that goes as well. So we're just praying for all that to come out. And also praying that William bar continues to do his job. I'm I'm surprised that he has so far he has proven himself to be someone who's upholding the rule of law. I did not expect that because I think everybody's corrupt, you know. But. So far pleasantly surprised let's just hope he carries through thought. It was funny when he said what you're talking about spying attorney general bar you're talking about spying looked at. It goes authorized surveillance. Does that sit better in your mind? Who was it was Schumer that said something more about? About surveillance something it's like, what was Nadler. I. Blurred together. I can't tell them apart. It's all about that, Maxine Waters. This. This verse talking about. How dare you affectively? She was saying how dare you allow these students through your lending practices to wreck up this unsustainable, unpaid back of all debt, and they're going to stop that. No seven or was it six another one stopped at twenty ten and it was all over with twenty twelve she just sitting there. This is what I always say like as long as the black community continues to elect people like waters and support people like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and these these idiots were in it for themselves. They're never gonna get any relief from their so-called black leaders. It's not gonna happen. Well, absolutely. I think you know, we've seen the blacks at movement we've seen Candice Owens rip into who. Was that a Nadler? She ripped in the Nadler and Ted new. Classic video clip. What am I favor? It's watch the twice. It was beautiful. And and Ken is always just doesn't take any flack. And that's what's what's so amazing about what she's doing is standing up and saying look don't think that just because we're black that we are going to vote for your essentially, you know, plantation democrat policies, and she's right about that. And there's a lot of black folks that are following in her footsteps and a lot of people waking up, you know, regardless of their race or skin color, or you know, religion or anything. When you have people like Okasha Cortez. Elected to congress has a degree in economics. Apparently can't do basic bath rain collapse the food supply vaster patient as well as the oil as the financial system. Absolutely. I mean, you you take down the air travel industry at it's over. Most of America. You ban, combustion engines, and it's over for farming, agriculture transportation tourism, everything collapses. Right. She thinks that's an awesome idea. Sorry. But it's true. And there was a study recently said the average I q in America is eighty two home. No well. Roughly half, the people below eighty two. I think if you took all the Democrats in congress and of there together, it would be about eighty two joking about sixty average IQ of sixty. So the average IQ is eighty two number. That's not good. No, no. That's that's below the ability to reason. And that's why the Democrats are pushing these emotional, please. And they have they rewrite history every day. You know, now they're saying that the allegation that Trump officials were spied on is a fact l'est conspiracy theory after the last two years of the Democrats pushing a fact list's conspiracy theory that claimed Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election. So they have everything upside down. They don't know what a fact is they don't they don't exercise reason. And it's almost like those parts of their brains have been burned out. They are a zombie zombie organisms with political power. You don't realize that much of this will be will be a little bit of theorizing combined with. Well. Here's the research is what the research shows do with what you may. But I wonder why the I q scores are dropping like this is it radiation is the visit GMO's.

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