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Know Joe Joe Brandon Crystal with you until six o'clock. When will hand things off to Jack Corrigan and Mike Rice as they are at course Field the rocks look to extend their four game win streak to five. I'm going to talk to those guys in less than an hour. They're both going to join me from Course field. In the booth. So I will be fun to check in with both those guys make them work. A little extra, Uh We'll get more into the Cole Beasley football four story I just had there was a text came in and a bunch of sex. I still get to, But I want to play this clip from this interview from this podcast. Shelby Harris is new podcast shellshocked, which, on the coast of we put out five episodes every Thursday. Shelby does. The podcast with me. We usually talk to one his teammates we're going to try to in the next month. Maybe talk to some non teammates a little bit. Just have a little fun, But it's Shelby's podcast is one of only two active players right now, with the podcast across the entire NFL. We had McKelvin a game. AK Sosa, third rounder from a year ago number 95 ended up playing a lot. We shall be out with Covid last year. And Mike Purcell out in General Casey, So it's a played a bunch and so I sat one chair over. Last year when he got drafted and we asked him Where did his nickname come from? He didn't give us much of a description. So I asked again during the podcast, and we get into why he was named the Broncos community ambassador for all the rookies or the award winners, the best rookie community service guy, So this is so sad, telling Shelby and I why he has the nickname Sosa. The nickname. Uh, Yeah, man, I got it from some of my friends growing up. Uh, it really started as a Joe. They're really trying to clown me a little bit trying to Sally like Keith. Uh, So you know my real aim to make Children so I realized Nativity like everybody's always mess it up Growing up. So it was like, Yeah, like this like this hard actually. And they, actually just with me like this. That's pretty smooth. Oh, hey, big sauce, right, Chief? Three months, So the big stuff is okay. I see you, man, you know, but you be out in the community. You know, people outside of Denver may not notice, but you'd be in the community, You know, Community service. You know, I I see your name up there almost every time I see something up there. You know where decide passion? You know, obviously, it's always about where you come from, but you know, it's how is your experiences? You know, we're giving back and and you know what drives you to give back as much as you do. Oh, man, bro, Like you said the experiences Um just like like the Salvation Army, Like like we was homeless at once time, and they gave me me, My mom and my sisters a place to stay. You know what I'm saying? It's like like, like they didn't. They didn't know who I was gonna be. They like, didn't they Didn't they didn't have no explanation like okay, he's going to be, uh, a good pretty good football player. He's going to make the NFL and it was just doing it doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. So when I can do something like trying to donate my cleats or You know, try to give back to the community. Get back to the youth. Um Give back to the use, Like even like talking to the to the juvenile kids. Um, I was in the same predicament. Um, when I was in, like, eighth grade when I was a grade I had got arrested. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. Being in that spot. It was kind of like when I had got out. It was like dang like, Oh, no, Like I kind of felt like my life was over. You know what I'm saying? Eighth grade. I was like, Hey, man, like is no way I'm gonna be able to make it now. You so you so So for me. It's like I was in the same position, so I'm just trying to get him hope like if I did it. How far off the wagon I was like, I know you can do it. You know, so that's that's that's really what it is, Um Just trying to China. Put some good deeds out there, man also and I don't know how people how many people realize it's the Broncos. In addition to the Walter Payton, Man of the year, where every team nominates a player to have a shot at the National Award, and it was von a couple of years ago with his Vons vision stuff. The last two years has been Justine Simmons. They also recognize a handful of other players that are involved like Dawn Risner. We know he has his own foundation. Bradley Chubb has his foundation Alexander Johnson. Joe Jones has been a three time community ambassador, Tim Patrick. And then you were the rookie. You lead the rookie class last year 19 instances of community outreach. That's just through the team. I'm sure there's other stuff you did. Beyond that, And and so the Denver Broncos mentioned that anything that you know when you can discuss the juvenile justice system. Uh, it's really cool to see And you know the one thing about doing that, right? It's sort of like just it correlates to sports. If you have a really good rookie year, you better back it up. And obviously we know that Was on the field certainly matters around these parts, but you can't do 19 events last year. Now that things are opening up. Only do one or two this year you're going to have to now you set a standard for yourself. And I've had it doesn't sound like your mind it at all. Yeah. No, I don't mind it at all, man. It's just more opportunities to get out there and be able to, you know, like you were able to do events and over his home and everything, But now it's It's gonna be a little more being able to be a person to do it, You know? So, um, so even like just pride month. Um, yeah, there's something to his, um, for me, Uh, My mother. My mother has a wife. So, um, like just something that I grew up around all the time, So I want to make sure everybody knows like it's okay to be you and living your truth. Um Right. So so, like this month like I want to make sure I get out there and do a couple things like, make sure people know that I'm behind them, and I support them. 100% Uh, just because, Miss Lee, I know that that can be hard for a lot of people. You know, like they can be tough for a lot of people to try to try to live in the truth, especially in a society or, um, people try to put you in a box. You said something I was talking about your mom. And her wife look like I mentioned I grew up in Texas. I understand things are a lot more tolerant than they were even when I was a kid just a few years before you guys but we're still not where we need to be. And so it's great to see the growth were pride, Pride weekend and bright braids became bright week and bride months, But what kind of challenge was that? Growing up where you did in in the south and in different parts of Texas with, you know, essentially two months? Yeah, man. It was it was. It was kind of tough, You know, because well, while I didn't have a father singer Um, And then also, you know, um they were sometimes growing up. Used to be hard like people Just try to you know, they make funny. You know, there was something my my grandmother. Um, is like Like the biggest Christian and I, it will. You know the answer. Like I ever meet. She was She was big. You know what I'm saying? She was. She was being hard, um, old customs. If you yourself like a man to be with a woman and a woman should be with a man. Um But it in the day like you know, she still love your child and like that, That was my mom. Like so so almost discipline my mom and I always love my mom. But it definitely was. It definitely was toughest, sometimes growing up, But I got to the point. It was like at the end of the day. Like this year, my mom like it's not gonna change anything. I still love my mom threw. She is like I'd rather hug, be herself and be truthful to herself and living her truth. Then try to fake for society. It doesn't care about you for real, You know? It's crazy what some people will do just because of what other people think about them. Signal that some busting storms. I mean, like, you gotta It's really like, you know. People. You've got a lot of people, you know that live a different life because I think that they have to because they've got to show everyone else what they what they want to do instead of living how they want to live so You know? Kudos. Kudos because you got you gotta You gotta live your truth. You gotta live who you are, or you'd be miserable in this world, You know, like it's just You know it. It's was too mentally taxing to add that to not be able to be yourself and and still have to live through this, you know, it's just likely to, you know, that's his weight. Just a little sampling of shell shocked the Shelby Harris podcast..

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