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To rob woodfork. All right, a couple hours from the nationals opening to 6 game 7 day road trip tonight in San Diego it's the first of four against the Padres, and of all Sanchez gets the first crack at it. He's still trying to get that first win of the season. He's zero in 5 so far. You Darvish he of the ten and 6 records set to counter for San Diego. The Orioles fell to the cubs three to two in a makeup game so he goes now head to Boston for three game series with the Red Sox tonight the mystics out west to open a best of three playoff series in Seattle that coach Mike Tebow says. We're going into a series right now where it's a very even match up and the winner of this series, people have got to look at, say, man, they can win the whole thing. Oh, he said that to our own Dave Johnson who agrees and adds in this week's D.C. sports huddle we should appreciate Tebow. He's a winningest coach in WNBA history and you talk to him and there's still that drive and desire to win another title. He is so focused on making this happen. Here's a guy a basketball lifer. In NBA, a lot of leagues. I have the most respect for guys in the CBA. He was coaching in the world basketball league, which was a league for players 6 foot 5 inch and under. How's that for a history lesson? Get more of the D.C. sports auto on WTO P dot com or wherever you get your podcasts. We also weighed in on the Deshawn Watson suspension, which today was lengthened from the initial 6 game penalty to an 11 game ban as part of a settlement with the league, the unpaid suspension will cost Watson over $600,000 on top of the $5 million fine. He also has to undergo counseling in order to return to action against his former team when the browns visit Houston week 13. Rob woodfork WTO sports. The top stories were following for you on WTO, breaking news, a man is dead after a shooting at the mall in prince George's this afternoon, hyattsville police say and happened around 4 o'clock. They think the man was targeted, detectives are at the scene trying to identify a suspect or suspects. The mall is closed until tomorrow. A federal judge is leaning toward releasing at least part of the affidavit justifying the search of Donald Trump's Florida home, but the judge has ordered prosecutors to indicate which information should remain secret. Prosecutors have one week to submit a redacted version. And apple is urging iPhone iPad and Mac users to download the latest software updates because of what it calls serious security, vulnerabilities. Apple says bad guys may have already taken advantage of those security gaps, so people should download the updates as soon as they can. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes

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