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These stories, and please share them. Dad is eighty eight. He can't hear I'm trying to get in get him in front of Dr Jason Lyon deck concepts chore. I still think there's some hope maybe we can get some hearing back. But hey, I'm I'm glad he's around. So at this point, it's the end of World War Two one of one of my dad's house guests was raped, and there were concerns about repeated rapes and so they hid in a lake. They had an estate they had a lake and they hid in a boat on a lake their dog came down and started barking and kind of tipped off the Russians that there were people there and so data. Let's let's pick it up from the lake and and what happened next with your close encounter with the Russians. Yeah. Okay. Again, dire. Back seventy five years the Russian front. Head rolled over rush. Hour house was right open. It was big manor house people help themselves, and we were in on the lake, and we could watch we had a ringside seat of people carrying things out furniture goods clothing. You name it. My father lost his cool. He says I'm going in. And I'm beating somebody up. Which was not a good move. He did. There was a group of three people turned out to be Russian civilians. They probably POW's she had worked on a firm or ineffective. Anyway, it was eleven at night. And he goes to show with an or and starts beating on them. This stream nj we back tomorrow. We will kill you. He gets back into the boat. And yes. They're coming back the next day since you were my father used or if it's pretty clear that on the late show. Three guns trained on us. Three Russian standing on the shore. Beckoning asked cameras sure, we do go. Sure, they fresh. And in the pocket of my fathers coach defined a nine millimeter shell the carrying that you use for hunting. Eric and bore. My father was a hunter and us involved in warfare shows locate him, you apart is on your gorilla. And they were questioning as here we should. And every time the amnesty question. Shadow salvo over my head through they were three guns after this short of underscored the questioning, which is very difficult since none of us had Russian in school. Show. We. We saw this is going to be it. Three very mad Russians. How to explain to them that the shell is for again for beers aarc? My father pointed to the house. Cou people to out of the three we could tell by their gestures wanted to shoot. I. The other one who spoke reasonably good German cautioned. My father kept pointing to the house. That would like to explain it. And. He said, look we go to the house. I can show you you can have food. I can't give you food. I have what is your magic words for any Russian, and you can shoot us after dinner, we feed you. That's changed the atmosphere. Sure, they marched us. Through the park, and we came up. Out of the park, the big house and started going. You're big capitalist. If you're living in a big cash. We got into the harsh showed him the trophy netra hanging on our wall. The one kept a gun on us. Two two. Shirts you, but we're rain checking the harsh. And. One of them. Founded the middle the badges the the medals my father had earned in World War One. So we start OGSM. This is we don't need that show. The Russians looked at him. Should you were good shoulder? So it had turned we found food we've found Bush. And we parted as friends and the Russian who spoke reasonably good German. Shook hands with us. And shit. Get out of the big house here, you will be dead. Sure. We had no idea. What to do? We couldn't flee on the on the lake anymore. At that moment, a farmer a neighbor. Walked in the front door. His name was passion. And he came up shit major. My father had been a major in the war. Major you coming with me. You cannot stay here at at put you up save, you advice, Q you. And my stepmother said give us a moment. I wanna put some some things in a suitcase. Passion said no. You're leaving this moment. Bitcoin Shingo fire. You follow me? Shingo fry. We take the women in the middle. We're not going to run, but we walking Bush to my house. We did. He said there were no Russians. There was maybe. Eight hundred sheet rock there was very long walk. Shapely get to his house. Argue to the women all the women in the hayloft. The rest of us stayed with him. The women's state in the hayloft. And remember, this is the first week in me, they stayed in the hayloft until early July. Then the plundering the raping stopped. There was order again. And. We should arrived, obviously. Or we wouldn't be here on the air today. It was your wife time and Kappa people rescued as a very nice Russian. And a very very nice neighbor who came to our rescue right at the right time. So. Launched short-story law turned out. Okay. Thank you. And thanks to that Russian. And thanks to that neighbor. God knows where I would be. And you know, what your dad raised me? He would always say look he would say most Americans take their freedom for granted. He said I survived. Hitler is survived Stalin. I will never ever take my freedom for granted. Mazing those stories Paul. I mean, I just I have chills. I know the listeners do as well were Susan, and I are gasping here in the studio heat. Your dad is a gift, and we are so grateful for the opportunities when you're with him. Everyone wants him to be a regular feature on the show. But I had to explain that. We can only do this when you're home in Lancaster because Volker staff, and he can't do it on the phone. Yeah. It's weird. I communicate better via Email then I do face to face, and then I have to shout and he gets every third word, but I'm going to be back in mid October. I'm going to be back here in early November. And so every time I come home, if it's okay with listeners and okay with you. I'd like to have data on there's a lot. We can learn from older people all older people. And I've heard a lot of Volker stories, but I hadn't heard those. So I'm really grateful to every time. I learned something new. Thanks for letting me share these thanks for letting dad share these amazing. Give him a big hug. Okay. We'll. But right now, I need to tell you that it's three forty eight. And that's a week's and jewelers time. Check Wickson is an unwavering commitment to the exceptional an expert team at Wickson jewelers will ensure your visit is nothing less than unforgettable CO,.

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