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Deadline to withdraw the remaining 2500 U. S. Troops from Afghanistan under a peace deal with the Taliban. On Matthew Makana, Hayes Word Texas Virtual benefit help those impacted by February's winter storm took place last night. Worst freeze and over 70 years took the power out in our state, and without that power, we had no heat. So are businesses and residential water pipes froze, then busted and Texans from every zip code in our state were left without shelter. That clean water and with a whole lot of water damage. Yeah, you could say in Texas were a little bit better dealing with the heat better freeze. The event featured a number of stars, including George Strait, Willie Nelson and Miranda Lambert. As of last night, the fundraiser brought in over $257,000 will the first eight spots and the sweet 16 were booked on Sunday. Sunday saw the first top seed of the tournament. Paula's Illinois was upset by eight seed Loyola Chicago 71 58. The Ramblers will face 12 seed Oregon State who upset four seed Oklahoma State 80 to 70. Another Midwest play. 11 seed Syracuse got past three seed West Virginia 75 72, earning the right to face two seed Houston who squeaked by 10 seed Rutgers, 63 60 and in the South. Top seeded Baylor advanced past Wisconsin 76 53. The Bears will face five seed Villanova who cruised to an 84 6. One win over 13 seed North Texas in the bottom half of that region. Three seed Arkansas squeezed by 60, Texas TECH 68 66 don't meet this year's Cinderella 15 seed, or Roberts, which knocked off Florida 81 78 W Away. I news time 506 time to check on your money and the world of business with the Bloomberg News dust. I think this is a Bloomberg money minute for encouraging news on the covert 19 vaccine front. The vaccine from AstraZeneca and the University.

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