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Looked if you've heard the read before and you've never gone and looked at rowdy gentlemen go check it out at ready gentleman dot com today and give off the vibe that you're on vacation forever stick around at the end of the show for more very important announcements and i wanna give quick shoutout to jordan w bursts segment hook should've won best picture over the silence of the lambs if you haven't seen the movie hook i i don't know how that's possible but i've probably seen this movie thirty times over the years i love hook one of my all time favorites it has a twenty nine percent splattered tomato on the rotten tomatoes tomato meter which i'm not exactly sure what that means i always get confused a believe the splattered tomato means the tomato was thrown and like if you were to throw it at a stage at a bad play in that this means it has shit rating which is totally bogus twenty nine percent look sometimes the quality of a movie is determined by how much fun you have watching it not everything has to be art and drama and shit and in i guess it does have a seventy six percent audience liked it score on rotten tomatoes but even that is not doing this movie justice this is in my opinion over anything else he did whether it's dead poet's society or any of the other critically acclaimed roles that he had robin williams finest performance in my opinion.

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