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That is. So I'm going through your list of championship wrestling from Florida. Who did you have involved in that? Oh man, that's another crazy one. That's another great, a great panel. So you got Kevin Sullivan, Steve kern, bob rupe. Nice. Great. See, I'm on the spot here. I got to remember them all. If you don't get all of them, that's good. That's a good question. I'm sure I'm sure they'll come up as you go. So they're kind of like conflated in my mind right now because we're finishing 50 of them. There's 50, yeah. Yeah. It'll come to me in a second here, but the one anecdote from that episode that really sticks out is a, oh, sorry, I just remember Gerald Briscoe was on the side. Oh, nice. Oh, it was Gerald Briscoe and Bryan Blair. So that's the perfect. There you go. But the story that really sticks out to me from that episode is another amazing territory angle, which is bob roop and Steve kern. So Steve kern in real life, his father was a POW twice. I think in Korea and Vietnam, I think. And so he was over in Vietnam, I think, for like 7 or 8 years. And he was a POW. I mean, they got the letter saying that he had been deceased and they thought that his father was deceased for many years. And then, you know, several years later, he's coming home. And they brought him home and there was a huge thing locally where he had grown up with his father coming home from being a POW. And so of course, like what wrestling does all the time, they work it into an angle, right? So the whole angle was bob root sort of saying, what a coward, you know, for him being a POW out there. And it really evoked this insane high octane emotion from Steve kern and it's just this wild angle and you see how it kind of came together and how it unfolded and just yeah and how insane it wasn't in bob roop got so much heat from basically trash talking a POW that you had a lot of military people showing up to the arenas and support and he had people threatening his life that there was people with like anti tank grenades that were going to blow up his house and there was guys who were going to show up and shoot him in the head. He had a gun pulled on him over this angle. So again, just a real just white hot heat and angle they had in Florida. So that's just one of the several anecdotes from that episode. But that one's a great one too. Yeah, once again, I hear so many stories as I live in Tampa. So it's one of those things I'm sure you guys might get this if people ever find out that you're involved in wrestling. People have to tell you any wrestling connection they have. That's why I never talked to people on planes because what do you do? I'm a wrestler. Really? You know, when I was 12 years old, my dad knew André the Giant scarred. And it was so fun to the one time. It's like, if I'm a musician do I have to say, you know, it's really funny. The one time I saw someone play guitar. It's only for wrestling. Ah, wow, I used to know, you know, dusty Rhodes. The armory and it's just like, yeah. You know, Calgary is like that too, like anybody who grew up in Calgary grew up in Tampa, like any of these places, they'll still have that connection to the local scene. A 100%. Yeah. Let's talk about the Calgary connection because this is one you guys actually asked me to be involved. And I didn't feel like this is kind of once again being old school. I didn't feel worthy because I never worked for stampede. Yeah, I could have given my thoughts as a fab, but it's like, I wasn't there. So I felt like what am I supposed to say to Brett Hart about stampede wrestling? You know what I mean? So that's kind of why I didn't want to do it. But who did you end up having involved in that panel? Yeah, that was kind of when we were trying to still figure out the format, like, did we need somebody to steer the ship, you know? That kind of outsider to try to ask questions. Yeah, yeah. We were trying to figure that out as we were going. But for stampede, it's a great lineup. So we got Bret Hart, obviously, is in the show, which is great to work with him again. Abdul the butcher, doctor D David Schultz, and then as a fourth, do you remember no class Bobby bass? Sure. Okay, so who was the third that you had, doctor D doctor DoJ? Bobby bass, no plasma Bobby bass. Yeah. And that was great because I mean, so many, so much of when you're talking about particular territories, each individual territory is such the singular vision of its promoter, you know? I mean, it really is that promoter. And so obviously with stampede, there's so much about Stu. In this Stu Hart in this show and there's so many amazing Stu Hart stories and I think with this like with the stampede episode, a lot of it is through the perspective of Brett, I feel like, where Brett being second generation, growing up in the business, and not being smartened up. And that's another big thing with what you see. Even as a kid, as a kid, not knowing what's going on and he always talks about there's an amazing story about this guy, Archie gouldie, the stomper. And how he would go on television and say, I'm gonna, I'm gonna pile drive Helen Hart in the, like on the freeway, you know, or something like that. And he literally would think that this guy's gonna kill my family, you know? But he was never formally really smartened up, and this is, you know, he's a young teen in this when this is going on. And so it would sort of be like, then he started seeing the stomper coming to the house to collect a check, you know? And then it started slowly piecing things together that this was a work. And then it's great just to see him interact with Abdul the butcher. Because there's this amazing story. Go ahead. Yeah, well, when we did the Montreal screwdriver episode of Dark Side of the Ring and we first met Brett and he was a big fan of bruiser Brody and that was our first episode and we were telling him our experience was working with Abdullah the butcher. And then he told us this great story that just stayed with us ever since, where when Brett was a kid, he remembers seeing like Abdullah wrestling his father Stu Abdullah was like biting on the stew's face and like blood, stews, blood was dripping all over him. And Brad was so scared because he wasn't smart enough to the business at that time. He ran up to Abdullah and kicked up duel in the ass and Abdullah turned around with all stews blood on his face and just like growled at him, you know? And I was like, where did you think? Abdullah was from and he was like, I thought they brought him in from some corners of Sudan or some other place, you know? Sure, of course. And then Abdullah is coming over for like family dinners and stuff like that. Abdullah actually saw Brett's parents stew and Helen has like second parents, you know, that Helen would make him a birthday cake like every year for his birthday and it was just so sweet to see that connection. And Abdullah was just like a guy from Ontario Canada, you know? Right, yeah, so Larry. I was like, when I was a kid that I remember I used to go hang out at the polo park in Winnipeg and just watch for wrestlers. That's where they all used to stay. And sika, who's actually Roman Reigns dad or alpha? Whichever one is his dad. I think it's Zika. It came in and they had he was from Samoa, and they actually would do vignettes of mister Fuji, having them eat raw fish, and he couldn't speak English. And I walked up with him with a pen and a paper, and I was like, please, sign. Sign name. Sign name with the pen. You looked at me. He said, he goes off, kid. I didn't care. I didn't care that he told me to F off. All that camera was like, he speaks English. Yeah, right. Oh, did anybody else hear that? So with the stampede ones, so like you mentioned, you're talking more about Stu and all that stuff.

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