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So I was watching. My father's his dad was dying. And I knew from the growing up that my grandfather was not kinda gentler type, especially my dad. But I watched the tenderness is he's eyeing. Yes. My dad he's a sit with him and hold his hand as he passed. So I asked him my father said over you last time he showed a infection. He's the last time. I remember I was too. I said, so you're sixty three. So I don't think I'll wait that long. We weren't to be big huggers. Goes, you know, he's a construction worker and hard head and hard hat, but we learned to sit and watch television. Just hold hands. Wow. To on that. I want. Everybody listening to take a second. And imagine yourself sitting on the couch holding hands with your father met my dad, and I have become close this year. And we've had a lot of breakthroughs, and we have a very new relationship things are incredibly good. However that makes me squirm it makes me feel intensely uncomfortable to imagine myself doing that which in the spirit of what we're working with here. I think I think I will probably I'm trying to get the courage up here to say, I will I'm quite do. I'm going to propose that to my father next time. I see him. He's actually going to be here. The week end. After this podcast airs man that sounds like digits on terrible. But I'm going to do it. And I will report back how it goes. So who you heard there his name is herb Stevenson, and I've been holding onto this recording for the right time. And this week was the right time, and I got to go back through and listen to the whole conversation in I feel like this is such a a rich conversation, and I'm pretty honored to be sharing it, and I'm going to start us, right? Smack in the middle of a conversation. Herb is from Ohio. He's been doing work with men for twenty to twenty five years. And I was connected to him last year. He comes from a native American background and has just an immense wealth of experience and knowledge around this entire project. We're taking on at every man. And so he's had a pretty wild career. He's designed and successfully led change in the turnaround of financial institutions nine of them to be exact he's worked as a corporate consultant for firms as large as Fannie Mae..

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