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Speaking of obstacles in the way. Thank you, Johnny Nash Mark Davis in for Dennis Prager. Welcome welcome to the February twenty fifth Dennis Prager show. Dennis is taking one day one day he'll be back tomorrow. And he is just I'm guessing elbows deep in an editing, preparing the furtherance of the rational bible Genesis edition. I did exodus and here comes Genesis. And I it's just gonna be as magnificent as the first volume was I'm sure you can pre-order it on Amazon now. So as Dennis toils over it today while you, and I spent some time together, let's let's prepare to enjoy his work in this incredible series that he's in the midst of called the rational bible and the exodus is out. And the Genesis is what he's working on now. So just you just do a Google and Amazon whatever Dennis Prager rational bible. Genesis. And pre-order that. And there you go, and they'll be back to tell you more about that tomorrow. So right now you and I are together on the morning after the Oscars and the and the day of the beginning of the week. That's going to have some pretty interesting global significance. President Trump speaking with Kim Jong UN and also President Trump and announcing that the March I tariffs and some of the tariff ratcheting up that we were going to be with regard to China is being put on hold because with president. Gee, they're their talks that are going so well, and this may be some sweet vindication for the Trump tariff policies, and I've held my skepticism at bay. Tariffs are not my favorite thing. I like free trade, but I don't like getting hosed under the guise a free trade. I liked free markets but globally markets are not free. When there are things like currency manipulation and various misbehavior is on the part of the Chinese regime. It's it's it's not these are not things that are happening in a vacuum. And if President Trump's tariff cudgel can be wielded in a way that that brings the Chinese to the table with better trade deals that ultimately down the road. We're in a better place for having had tariffs in two thousand eighteen and twenty nine thousand nine then won't he be able to look back in retrospect and say guess what I knew what I was doing. So we'll say jury is out. We'll say we we will see the jury has long since returned for me in terms of what I want to see happen in twenty twenty. So in our our time together today, maybe we can talk a little bit about the democrat field. And it's funny that one of the most. Powerful. Democrat voices is not in the field because she is not old enough to run that is Alexandria Cossio Cortes. I don't go looking for reasons to bring her up. I really don't but anybody that gets this much attention. There's a reason for that. And so we're we're gonna hop back to phone calls on some things in today's news this morning prospects, the week ahead the Oscar show gone by. And then there is is there's a couple of minutes of her chopping vegetables in the kitchen and also chopping up various types of logic in ways that we will that will live. We'll see what we think about as we as we move forward. You you may think she's a genius. She may be a heroine you may be yearning for the day when she does hit that thirty fifth birthday and can indeed run for run for president. Okay. We'll take your taking all comers. Everybody is. Welcome agree. Disagree. Always. Appreciate it. Phone number is one eight Prager seven seven six one eight Prager seven seven six let's dive in. Let's do some calls. And then I've got some audio some things to share. We are in New Jersey. Don, hey, Mark Davis in for Dennis welcome happy Monday. How are you? Do I do that? Right. I think they hit the button, right? Second. Oh, got you. Title second coming up in a moment. It'll be done. Let me do the AFC code. This is this is this is worth consuming. She is in the kitchen, and this is the I guess, I guess population control is a concern. So let's take a look here. Our planet is going. Disaster. If we don't turn the ship around console, it's basically like their scientific consensus at the lives of children are going to be very difficult. And it does lead. I think young people too. Have a legitimate question. You know shit is it, okay? To still have children is it. Okay. To still have children. Their scientific data that the lives of children are going to be difficult. One hardly knows where to begin. But please pray continue. And. I mean, not just financially because people are graduating with twenty thirty one hundred thousand dollars worth of student loan. So they can afford to have. Kids.

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