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That and now these two incredible films that are all right now you're so young and you have such an incredible career already what what has been like you know moving into the spotlight in that way um gary actually weird and bizarre and amazing and um confusing a million different things i i've i have no idea i still feel like i'm just either i i have no idea how i i ended up here or and i pee myself is the same person that i wasn't like middle school so it's sort of bizarre because like i expected everything to expected if i got an oscar nomination for like all of my fears and worries to go away and they're really didn't um and if not i'm not like putting down the akasaka nomination that was amazing but life goes on in the same weird weird sort of i still have a lot of doubt and confusion an end but but i i i do get to work with these amazing are like credit girl wigan has done on in lady bird is elected an absolute pleasure to be a part of them actually standing in my room might now where i have i'm holding my kukis shell necklace any byrd said let's talk about lady bird i the first of all we know this is great as i regret a girl berg's direct tori all debut what is the film about for our listeners on the minimum let it the film about how you okay yes so it's a proud um it's about what it means to say goodbye to your home and and and to um and that only in leaving our home do you do you understand what what what what that place really mean to you and and you can grow up for resenting a play for for imprisoning you and then when when you leave your accurate you might actually discover that that if it mm your gratitude and love france house i love that summary of the movie.

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