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Metro network. I mean, it shut. We've been to a couple of stations this morning. They're not open. It's not operating, but it was in one of those stations where we saw Carrie. Which is flooded in those harrowing pictures on social media. Some passengers standing for up to four hours in the carriages, the waters up to their chest, just waiting for the rescuers to come, many of them talking afterwards, those who survived about the lack of air. So there are big questions this morning both here locally but also at national level in terms of the Beijing government about preparedness. And why was it that the underground metro network here specifically in Zhangzhou? It's not even 10 years old. Why was it it was left so vulnerable in a city that look doesn't always have to deal with this. Level of rainfall but does steel annually with flooding and does deal with rainfall on that kind of level, And that question also, Robin surely will come up again because some of the experts are saying yesterday in China that in fact, they believe that the rains will continue for the next couple of days. So is there any level of preparedness that people are saying, Okay, if it hits again, this is what we do. What precautions do we have to take all who have to be evacuated from where? Well, we do know from the very top because President Xi Jinping yesterday issued a brief statement. Ordering local authorities both here in John Jay. But of course the whole country to improve their preparedness, improve their whether early warning systems and here as well. We're hearing from the State Council level of government. Orders going out to provincial governments across the whole country to look at particularly the vulnerability of metro networks as the rains come, as I said the rainy season hasn't passed in terms of here in Zhengzhou in Henan Province. The rains are moving north to areas where they don't have metro systems. But it was underground here where we saw the most devastating impact of the floods. At least 12 people died. And that is where the most significant questions remain. Why was it so vulnerable? Why were those people left in those carriages? Women? Thanks very much indeed. In front who was then the thing has been thing the cleanup as we just heard behind him in Zhangzhou. Fears of a third wave hitting India in the coming months. The pressure is on to vaccinate more of the population. Despite being the world's largest producer of covid vaccines. There's been criticism that the rollout has been slow less than.

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