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Hello everybody. Chris gathered here. And i want to say welcome to another episode of beautiful anonymous. Thank you so much to everybody. Hates episode avalanche saved my life people in the facebook group were smitten smitten with their caller. Everyone using words in the facebook group like monthly with such a big heart. It made it made me have such a nice day because of the callers advice. in energy heartwarming. Call a lot of people just typing the words mile love. A lot of people. Say this is beautiful. What a good a good community we got going there and caller you're positively awards will be long remembered in the In the world of this show. Now this week's show. I'm really happy to bring. It's it's about a place ostensibly. It's a person from a place who goes. What do you want to know about this place and the place happens to be holland. The netherlands as we say and the caller mmediately calls me out and goes. I bet you think a couple of things about it. And i go. Yeah i do. I think about x. y. and z. And the caller makes it clear. Yeah the rest of the world especially americans. You tend to think about where. I'm from as this wonderland. Well let me tell you that. It's an actual layered place with flaws and add victories and all sorts of things just like any other place and i love that. I love how this show through a phone call through somebody. Picking up a phone all of a sudden i get to hear about another place in the world the people who live there the perspectives that i don't get just with the stereotypes really love it. Hope you love it to enjoy the call Thank you for calling beautiful anonymous. A beeping noise will indicate when you're on the show with the host. Hello hey wait. Sorry oh okay okay. We'll just bleep past we'll bleep it it okay It's also because my my my my phone just a just finished a call on his own. Because i'm in netherlands and churches are pretty high and. I hope it's not going to do that again. Okay so everyone just figuring out. God gonna stop that doing okay all right no worries no worries how are you i i'm I'm pretty good. Yeah good day. i'm good. I'm feeling pretty positive. Despite the fact that there's so many things to worry about. That's that's really nice. I think that's something that's always needed in this world. I didn't know that's how i figured out life. Most of the time. I try to keep being positive absolutely. I'm with you and it's hard they don't make it easy but it helps makes not going down that whole bit easier. I'm very. I'm very start it. I was going to say. I'm very excited. Yes someone from the netherlands. thank you. i'm very excited to talk to you. Just in general. That i listen to quite a sad episodes. I always enjoy listening to different. Perspectives people so Should i just tell you some things or you have any questions I'm happy to hear where you want to kick things off. And i'm sure i'll have one hundred questions along the way we hey i don't know i i I'm in quite an international community myself in ireland because i I studied international private school education before. And because that's i. I have some opinions about my own country because i've heard like the culture From a perspective other people and it's always interesting to hear You talk about because you always say that. We're very progressive but It doesn't always few like that when you're here i don't know so that the interesting the duero very honest and i really like i really liked radical fi. Find all these things quite treating for two reasons one. I do think. At least americans we see we see Liberal drug laws. We see sex work de stigmatized and legalized and i think those things and everybody rides. Bikes feels very environmental in that way. So i think we do this sense that it's quite liberal. But maybe those are just sort of the surface level things that you hear about right drugs and sex and bikes the big three the big trunk you. I guess that's right. Those are big headlines drugs and sex and you go see all these liberal pastor. That's not always. I can listen. It's not the depths of the better Like for example We illegal now in a little state. It still not actually legal island it. How do you say that I forget it's it's it's tolerated decriminalize. So yeah so you can actually grow weak but you people can sell it. Which makes it really weird and the backward and as like a like a citizen you can like grow like one planned but not much. More than that and yeah. It's it's a bit yeah. It's all a bit vague in that sense. But they do like that. We have legalized sex work. But it's in like the even dare not everybody likes except here right so as young people who are against up. Let's let's talk about both so with the we'd issue. I'm sensing a couple of things about it. Is this one does it. So this image. We have of like you go into a cafe and you get magic mushrooms in your tea and you smoke. The best weed ever is that more. Hey we're gonna make a lot of money off tourists but then there's maybe a different standard for citizens. Because i could see that feeling weird like a double standard in a way. I don't know it's I think the way it is like the people do also partake into drugs. But it's more of You're in your teens or in your your student. You party forbids and most people don't do a lot of it after that or don't do it at all and you do have coffee shops and you can do those things in.

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