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And if you don't have any bureaucratic experience the country by definition can't function now the exception to this was india pakistan and that's because the history of the pakistan was different one india any pakistan or british india the raj was one an independent country going back to three thousand years so they had a long history of government of independent government to is that to run a place as big as india britain needed to bring in and create a domestic bureaucratic group and we talked about that with imperialism in test one point one of our class that after the see poi muny that britain was going to run india as a part of britain but at the same time to do so in any kind of fish inside it was going to have to coopt it was going to have to hire it was going to have to create a native pro english pro british group that could run it that could do the work and so india pakistan is the exception to that there was a need a group now the interesting thing is when we talk about any pakistan is that native group was heavily muslim more than hindu even though the hindus with the majority of the population was heavily muslim because the muslim part the of india what will become bangladesh what will become pakistan was the richer part the better educated part the more economically developed part and that goes back all the way to founding of india as a civilization three thousand four thousand years ago.

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