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Mr Richard Sherman thank you the visitors locker room this is the team the release date after Charlie Achilles few weeks away from his thirtieth birthday growing pains last year to get over that injury and out comes back here it was the head as the Westralia and as a Pro Bowl season and really unbelievable for for sure here's the biggest number in this game when you look at its Seattle especially at home but what they've been since the week ten matchup in six games this team for sixteen takeaways in the last sixteen games Jimmy Garoppolo's George cattle and I know I remember Shaquille Griffin during the weeks and I love the fact that kill such a good runner after the catch that's gonna give us more opportunities to knock that football out he roasted that corner a few times today and was running away and and running through everybody but at the end of the day about thirty two take aways for Seattle sixteen since week ten and the forty Niners put a lock on the rock tonight no turnovers zero huge that's the reason they lost to this team and veterans day night they turned it over again twenty one points off turnovers by the way kettle back to back over a thousand years after the epic thirteen seventy seven last year the most receiving yards ever by sided in the history of the NFL he needed thirty three yards to nineteen eighty six as well over a thousand for that every thousand yard site at and he is said to in a row in years two and three that's tied into pro football you can talk about Kelsey you can talk about arts that's fine those guys could not shine his shoes in terms of being a run blocker and he had some tremendous blocks again in this football game tonight and then Deebo Samuel we're talking about him offense and rookie of the year fifty five receptions that's the most for a rookie for the forty Niners since nineteen eighty three while but what are you doing January the eleventh Sir I'm gonna get let it leave okay well yeah we're going to get a letter but you didn't want regardless you know I do show up here and all this great fortune happens to me that you've been here six years you've gone through the up and down the good the bad and the ugly the really ugly what do you think it here now well your first for me it's it's why I got out of television and got with this football team because I wanted to be back with an emotional investment with a football team and the the depression over the you know the last five years it's been tough to handle me not a lot of victories obviously but the euphoria this season has made it all worth it and and I got to thank the the organization the coaches the players the access that I get during the week can you see if you're up there and you get the same access you just got a day job you go to work every day I got to get out of there you do but I I get I get an opportunity to get up there and get right in the middle of the drills with players in the weight room and and just being inside the circle again even though I really don't have a dog in the fight and I don't have a big impact on the wins or losses but man it is been a treat for me and it's really wide left television and and back with this this football team the team I grew up rooting for in the pay off now in year six awesome awesome there's nothing like it really no there really is nothing like it and with the fun is just started it's amazing so the twenty nineteen years in a row in a twenty twenty in the forty Niners again save the date say the weekend make your plans to be with us Saturday January the eleventh twelve thirty will be on the air with a pregame show will kick it off at about one thirty five and we'll see how they play it will not be the New Orleans Saints it could be Minnesota Minnesota beach New Orleans at Minnesota in New Orleans beach Minnesota a lot of the Seattle or Philadelphia yeah with these well in in the office for a third time and let me say this to finish it up and and I'm so glad that you're here and I'm so glad that you're a whack job because I have never had more fun going football games than with you I promise thirty three thirteen three is a big part of it yeah we got whacked out this year incredible are lot more coming your way speaking a whack jobs we got your online we got we got Dennis brown and there is a kick in you'll at Danville oh boy we're gonna get lit up the plates light home church they're they're just argue that there is a race that aren't going to get a teacher to have another post game show is coming your way just affect with the forty Niners accomplished all year and right out of the final play and the final in slide of the tackle by Drake grain law will remember this night forever the forty Niners win the NFC west to the number one seed they beat Seattle tonight by a score of twenty six to twenty one one final so long the regular season for chairman Mike Baird and Michael are Greg Pappas said so long from CenturyLink is the forty Niners finally went here and do it in epic fashion we will talk to you on January the eleventh twelve thirty with the pregame show before the first ever playoff game at Levi's you've been listening to the San Francisco forty Niners the twenty nineteen NFC west champion postgame show the U. S. bank forty Niners radio network you know Greg Papa Jim Ryan on the call Larry Krueger John well Dennis brown here to Kickin mule in downtown Danville where tonight we watched quite possibly the game of the year in the in the NFL forty Niners with their sick when their first division title in six years and they get a first round bye and they will be playing on January the eleventh at Levi's stadium we have the chance to move on to the NFC championship game and if you're driving around you want to talk about this one eight await QB are the phone number so many thoughts running through my head listening to that I like guys but the first one really is just that I really think of this team very similar to that nineteen eighty one forty nine team that that was on it was very unexpected year and they were six in ten the year before this he was for twelve last year and that team gotten incredible tackle on a third and goal in the Pontiac Silverdome against a lot against the Bengals.

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