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Be able to listen in but he's tried to railroad tobagan art the blankets avid none of it so now those two are fighting and appropriately enough the falcons in the cowboys play this week when jerry's throwing barbs that art the blind collide dan uh trying to other owners are the blank shot back at jerry jones says some good bad blood between the owners which i expect nato in the field this week but dean take ezekiel elliott and a are severely compromised i know uh uh dan decked prescott is a phenomenon rookie season and he was holding up his ended a bargain would almost one hundred quarterback ranking here in his sophomore season uh i know that they've got neon tavanir severely compromise i just i still think zeke your lau it he is the most important mvp of the cowboys if you think alba's morris is going to be able to give you a reasonable facsimile of gil elliott yeah i don't ever you dig ride sniffed china come erin is that cinderella story filling in for ezekiel elliott yeah i'm not by darren mcfadden has been a healthy scratch all year for the cowboys they kept him this year knowing that the elliot suspension could be in place he's been a dnp coach's decision i know usually think of that in the i shall terms but he has been a healthy scratch for the cowboys all year he is now going to be activated the dea elliott dan and one time mcfadden wasn't a bad nfl back he can't even get on the field for the cowboys so he's going to come out a more pause after avid season having only practised and be able to do a deal elliott like things for the cowboys in air back real i don't think so so cowboys i didn't you skirts toubon fans i think he screwed and whose kudia jerry jones will tell you rajic shall screwed you i'll tell you sikio elliott screwed you again i do not know what transpired between he and the woman supposedly attacked in ohio way back shortly after he was drafted i don't know i wasn't there uh there are conflicting reports some of which i buy some which i don't buy all i know is i.

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