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ET dot org three oh three seven one three eighty five eighty five your phone number five six six nine zero is the tax line this stuff there from B. K. and it seems like we're all kinda layering in there on a wide receiver in the first row you don't worry too much Benjamin at this point the historical data that suggests wide receivers in the first round haven't really panned out as effectively over the last several years that that doesn't worry you sometimes I think we can use history as a bit of a precursor and sometimes it doesn't fit at all because again you're looking at the Julia Jones is of the world Odell Beckham was back of a player hello Mike Evans is a really really good player there's a lot of first round wide receivers that have done just fine in the league doesn't necessarily mean that because you are taking the first round but you're not going to or you're gonna become unknowns we talked about what are some for some first round busts in recent years it was a city rice said Jon Rosser Sorrell Patterson yeah part of me to you know whatever I Lee V. hit rate for wide receivers after round one is abysmally low it's almost like quarterbacks feel taken in the first round you're probably not getting a good one there are exceptions you know you can find the marques Colston so the world for the last couple years men's second round has been got a kind of a prime spot you've got a few in there but it's it's very rare it to be honest with you don't fight in the first round they they tend not to be that good hit rate is about I think it's one third in the first round and then it goes down below ten percent in the second round and then it's not even measurable the third round how far back are you going on this just just store goal since two thousand I believe okay last four years curtailed because I we went back we lived on this is a time at times but we back in like last decade I've got way more hits us you can find hits and that's the thing is though stand out because people remember those what you don't remember are the thirty and forty misses for every hit that you go find for every Marcus Colston there's a Robbie Harapan Robert Ron you know I mean you E. I I can go back and I can show you by year the wide receivers that were drafted you get yeah that guy that guy yeah that guy yeah that guy our poll question where would you rank drew lock if you were in this quarterback class right now it's basically neck and neck third behind Berlin to us in fourth or lower yeah I was a the national audience voting on this so Benjamin his percentage of first did not draft the first overall it be possible to leap the bagels to redraft the law seven point three percent seven people people yes seven percent sorry seven percent say drew lock is better than your world J. N. thirteen and a half percent say he's.

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