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Himmel is a household name for many San Diegans. But for those who are new to the area who is Larry Himmel, where he was perhaps an eagle's greatest storyteller? He did so On several platforms. Hey, originally came to San Diego as a performer on radio and worked at various stations, including KGB and Katie. Oh, and eventually Han be 100, various other stations in San Diego on the radio and through his radio exposure. He was asked to Do some work on local television stations, including Channel Eight also, Cassidy, and in doing so, he created this feature called Larry Hamels neighborhood where he would just tell stories. Ballots, Interesting San Diego's or Sandy against that he found to be interesting and a lot of times he would tell story about small businesses or various causes that were going on in the community. But he did so from a sense of humor. He was True humorist, much like, you know, Will Rogers or Mark Twain that was just able to kind of weave a clever story and Hey, was asked once about why he did what he did, and Larry said. I think my purpose is really to make San Diegans feel better about the place they call home and Dave tell me about this restaurant assistance program that the foundation has set up. We sent out a press release and, um, received a lot of attention. Initially. And we're able to tell the story and I believe that was on Monday. The 21st and By Wednesday. The 23rd we had she distributed about $20,000 in the systems to various restaurants. Um, and we did so, um, initially with $5000 donations There was a restaurant down and kind of trying. Mesa called the Landing Strip. It was kind of around the brownfield area, and they had invested a lot of money and trying to comply with the county health order. And they were really facing, you know, have the shut the doors and potentially go out of business. We awarded them, uh, some funds $5000 to them, and they were very grateful for it. Well done. Another restaurant in Chula Vista that have done extensive decking and taking over some of the parking spaces on the street in front of the restaurant helped him kind of afraid that cost there was a restaurant called Uptown Cavern in the Hillcrest area. That the owner said, Listen, I've had 40 employees. I'm down to 10 now, but I'd like to help out all the employees that have worked for me over the past year and, um, can you help And so we gave him $5000. Then the investors in that restaurant matched that money, and they were able to give Every employee that worked for my beliefs throughout the course of the year $500 check right before Christmas. And so we thought that was pretty cool. We've helped out several other restaurants in San Diego and the donations continue to come in. We're just gonna Basically take the money and then send it back out into the restaurant community. What do you think Larry's reaction would be if he was alive today to see what you're doing with this foundation and how it's helping his community? Well. I think he would be very humbled by the San Diegans, whose stories he told who are now giving back In his name where he was very kind and generous, and, um, likable person. People loved to be around him, and people genuinely felt that Larry was his friend. He was one of those larger than life personalities. That kind of For? Yeah, I relate to that guy. I like to hang out with that guy. And so when we decide Tol help anyone, we always kind of put it through the filter. Would Larry want us to do this? And I think you'd be really proud of the efforts, the foundation that he is named after it is doing. How can people donate when they move Art Foundation with Larry Himmel Neighborhood Foundation, and you could simply go to Larry himmel dot com. Or Larry Himmel foundation dot or g'kar. Either. One of those, uh, websites will take you right to a donation page and we always welcome donations for this program would be terrific. It'll go right back into restaurants or for any future programs that you want to be involved with. Foundation. That's Dave Smith, president of the Larry Himmel Neighborhood Foundation, discussing the restaurant assistance program to help struggling eateries. Joshua Lipton Kogo News From the helpful San Diego Honda dealers. Traffic center freeways moving along in excellent shape some 15 before Mission Watch for a bale of hay in the slow lane.

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