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Rest for running over and killing a seven year old boy and leaving the scene of the crash. 19 year old Sean Wire it from Port Richey is accused of speeding while riding his motorcycle at the intersection of Regency Park Boulevard and King Arthur Drive, according to FHP. Weybridge was traveling north bound at a high rate of speed when he hit the child and fled just before 9 30. The victim was out walking with his mom and other Children looking at Christmas like displays when tragedy struck so close to the holiday News Channel eight's Justin Checker says why Ridge turned himself in after police found his Kawasaki Ninja in a yard on Fox Hollow, Dr. Why Ridge was taken to the Pasco County Jail. A surgeon coronavirus cases has led to a surge in demand for testing. That's why Hillsborough County is opening two new testing sites this week. The first site opens today. Advanced Vogel Sports Complex on Bull, Frog Creek and River View. The second Sight's the William Owen Past sports complex located on Sydney, Dover Road and Dover. It opens on Wednesday. Today's the deadline for seniors to sign up for Medicare or make changes to their existing policies For the new year. Seniors can shop around and choose an all encompassing Medicare advantage plans that give you all of the benefits of A and B And most of them include your party drug coverage, and they cover those out of pocket deductibles and copayments that you would normally have on original Medicare but lines for ages. Cathy Sar Mia to reiterates beneficiaries must go to in network doctors and hospitals and follow additional rules. Original Medicare, Plus a Medigap supplement allows you to go to any doctor or hospital in the country with.

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