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More. It's cured at the moment. We'll see what happens now. Pasha passion I am no evidence of disease at the moment and have been since last September. Though I had a scare a couple of months ago the passion will not pay my electric bill. Now and that's that's the problem you have and you know that's the problem. You have trying to be a writer particularly if you wanted to do what you do so very well talk to us and we only have about three minutes. Where can people find your work? Who do you write for if somebody wants to read Meredith war? Go and I'd recommend that they do because you're a fine writer Where did they find you? Where do they find you out with the best places to go to my website? Which is meredith work? Oh Dot COM On their have links to the book I had links to other articles that I've written for various dog related magazines. Dog Fancy Dog Dog World Kind of just have a portfolio of my articles on their so. If anybody's looking for a writer in the Animal World Please feel free to contact me. I would love to help. Tell your story and You know there's that's the good thing there's never. I don't think we'll ever run out of material to write about. It's just finding the people who have the stories and want their stories to be shared so please feel free to contact me again. Best place to do is Excuse me Meredith. Wargo DOT COM. You can also find me on facebook and on twitter and You know let's let's let's make this work somehow and continue promoting all those hardworking people out there and hopefully saving some animal lives As a result as well..

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