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Again, we've talked to this about him in in in in the last couple times he's been on the show. You know, you always wonder how fighters going to rebound from getting knocked out for the first time, and he got knocked out by Marla mariah's. And then he rebounded with now three straight victories. Great performances against really tough guys. I it was Brett John's the unanimous decision victory. Just to get the ball rolling. Just to get the mo-. Joe going a little bit just to get the juices flowing. If you will. And then it was Cody Stayman back at USC to twenty eight and then it was a hard-fought victory over Jimmy Rivera one of the very best bantamweights in the world. This past weekend in Phoenix. So now he's won his last week in a row, he seventeen and three. And I know after the fight he talked about potentially running it back with Marlin top, the bantamweight division still somewhat unclear it seems that the direction that they're going in is. Henry Suharto versus TJ at one thirty five perhaps round the summertime, maybe even a little sooner actually. I've heard conflicting things, but it seems like that fight is going to happen. And that they're slowly as I've said on previous episodes, slowly phasing out the one twenty five and fortunately, you see Henry pseudo at that show last night. Yes. I knows in Phoenix. Yes. I know the. The Bill twins weren't by side. Nikki Bella in particular didn't seem like that panned out unfortunate. I tried. I really did try. I tried my best. I really put myself out there for him. Perhaps in hindsight. Some of the responses weren't the best. But in any event, he got a great off from the crowd. Did you hear the pop the crowd the crowd loved him the crowd absolutely loved him? Like he is a star. There's no doubt about that. He is an absolute star. And so they seem to be giving him that shop. And now you have this situation where Marlin is on standby mounds or any fought I'll Joe so I don't know if they're going to run that one back especially because it ended in a knockout. So I don't really know what they're gonna do with those guys. Do you make them? Wait. I saw out of the corner. My that I'll Joe was there. And then I saw him disappear. He ran to get headphones. I mean, really, I he he he hates that were. There were keeping waiting and they didn't have his headphones. Here is near Rick popping up who like hardly does anything for show chiming in with his own little comments. Thank you for that. All right. So l Joel sterling coming up, and I'm very excited to talk to Rosena Muniz top of the hour. That's going to be very exciting. We have not talked to her in quite some time. It has been what is it been like seven months since we talked her last time she was on the show was end of June. Some looking forward to that some good news while we wait for mister sterling Robert Whitaker has flown home. He has been discharged, of course, at the pull out a to thirty four due to the collapse bowel and internal hernia reported last week that he was discharged yesterday. He flew home to Sydney, so he is on the comeback trail if you will and still no word as to what they're going to do with not only him his belt. But at assign a gas Lum, I feel like we're going in the direction of out of sunny gas right now. That's what my spider senses are telling me, but still not quite one hundred percent set on that perhaps wanting to see how would occur was feeling. But the best news is that he is feeling good that he has flown home. And that all is well for rob. Whitaker. So hopefully, he makes a quick recovery. I was you know, I mean, I can't imagine being I've been in a hospital for for a week or so for something way less severe. Can imagine going through what he what he went through..

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