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Phenomenal. You know about it from a Santa's fantasy standpoint. I know about watching the tape. But when Alvin Kamara had to become the payson yes he dealt with some injuries this year but when he had to become the pace he was a little less potent and he was a little less vital to the saints so I love Tasting Hill in the world. He plays now. I disagree with that. The defensive coaches I've worked with in my rex ride Eric Mangini. They all say what keeps me up at night is a quarterback who can make plays with his feet short. It's really hard to defend so a guy that can throw tastes hill and take some hill is really hard to to see him. Throw it a little more than we've seen him throw it. But obviously Sean Payton forgotten already today. More about football law than I'll ever know. Let me ask you this because I've had this sort of whispered to me not spoken to me but whispered to me if breeze retires. Does Sean Payton kick the tires on Tom. Brady hundred percent. It makes so much sense. First of all they share the same agent secondly New Orleans has an outstanding offensive line. And if I'm Tom Brady. That is box number one. Can I be protected Sean. Payton's obviously a prolific play caller and from a personal standpoint. They're relocating out of Boston. Let's let's say it's Miami they move or New York. Can he get to that city without relocating the family. So I think the same screening is really intriguing does retire. I'll give you another bill. Belichick Sean Payton have done on May trades before in the past. They've spoken on record. Payton has about how he likes working with Belgium. Sign and trade. Perhaps they could get that going Brady ship over and get some picks actually a fascinating. Assassinating question does Tom Brady. Have a better chance to win the championship. Next year. With New England or with New Orleans New Orleans absolutely think of the threats thing of Kamara. Think of Michael Thomas. Tom Tom Brady. It's not about a hit lack of skill. He just needs. Help The saints have all the help in the world. I almost wanted as a rhetorical question. Plus you get out of Patrick Mahomes conference. There's a lot of things about that. That would make a lot of sense. I'm not telling you what's going to happen but boy crazier things than that you call them have happened. We are just getting.

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