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Is giving away two free tickets to the Oklahoma City home and garden show which is the seventeenth eighteenth and nineteenth yeah and of all weeks for people to not guess the plant half the Winona here there's two celebrities they're really good looking they're gonna be there of their good looking on radio this is face for radio you know people yeah there and de Nash is going to be featured person who well I know D. yet I don't think she's been in here with us and she wants to come back so we're gonna try to get her here before the a calm city home and garden show yes on the seventeenth eighteenth and nineteenth but we will be with Markham's nursery and is always I think today's a big day for the markups I think gray Sam may be getting Mary Lou and that in you know over the years when you've been here thirty five years you've interviewed a lot of people by telephone and it's amazing to me that I don't really know anybody but I know them on the phone and I went to a a celebration of the maps for animal shelter component over the holidays and I met a couple people that I've interviewed a number of times but never met a real it's really funny because the space match the voice of never there never have that especially they look at me and go oh that's you're not what I thought it all but one of those people has been the pastor of a church here in Oklahoma City for thirty five years and tomorrow is robin Meyers last sermon at Mayflower congregational church and I wish him the best you know he has been such a leader and in this thing and so I wanted us here at the garden party to wish him the very best and you know one o'clock tomorrow if you want to hear his last sermon yeah when I when I moved up to norming submitted normed first well Shawnee but my move to Norman Okla city to the metro I read his articles in the paper yes he's been on so many committees and just been such a solid citizen yeah and of his whole thing is he wanted to meet the people like he thought Jesus would yeah isn't that interesting yeah so yes it with it mmhm when I got on full time here were my first jobs was putting together that day robin Meyers sermons for the catch of the rock and because he was on Kato kills okay to okay every week wasn't me yeah I felt that there was one of my jobs that's probably how I met him yes and so you know we would get the previous week's sermon and I was the one I had to back then it was we put on file real real or and then when the computer system came along I'd loaded into the system well that's history this will do this Mike tomorrow night on might the talk shows from seven to nine we're gonna take a look back at the decade and we're not going to believe all the stuff that has happened in the last ten years now yeah it's pretty funny that might gain is going to be featured commissioner Brian mon is going to be featured skim Scott Carter is going to be featured Recco a live birds and it's we did it last week for twenty nineteen it was really fun and so we thought well do it for the deck and that sounds good I like that you know what's happened in the last ten years I mean of me and it exploded think of Steve Jobs yeah I like a smartphone yeah that's amazing hello ten years can change my roses grow a lot okay I can't hello can't your own one thousand K. T. okay are you from here one of your original perennial parking and are you eight a familiar with the book the selfish giant no I'm not but I I didn't catch the author I thought he said the last name was why don't Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde the famous Oscar wild arms wild W. I. L. D. E. yeah with an E. on it yes and it's a children's book yeah and I would ask Jamie what level of reading this as I have a ten year old great grand daughter and I've been thinking about getting her a book but I want to get something that I thought would be interesting to her it's you know it's it's it's just a very short book you know and it's it's easy to read yet it's it's a children's book but it has a lot of things in it that are like deal with adult themes but and you know Oscar Wilde has been accredited as creating wit like you know is the with this person the world and that this is not super funny and everything but it's just how much I to me it's just very touching and has you know I was thinking about what books influenced me the most as as a kid in that book really influenced me about the type of adult I turned into and I can vouch for that big Jamie said this book is formed my philosophy of gardening and I them guarding okay and then they also say there's an audio version of it there is there was an audio version but there is there was a like a cartoon animated version of it they're reversing as a kid by I don't know where that was but I do read I I remember I remember watching TV and seeing spring come in and like a white toga like a Greek goddess walking into the garden saying no to selfish and walking back out well I was thinking if there was an audio version of it vision being that I have vision issues I could listen to it myself and enjoy it yeah I know I I'm sure there's an audio version there is and there are you there's even a iPhone app version yes yes I don't have one of those fancy phones I can't see it operates them so I just have a plain ordinary old jitterbug flip phones you know probably at your local library would have an audio version of it that I think you can also get it off the internet Mike for you will.

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