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Police knew about Gary Zeiger in nineteen. Seventy young. Man's girlfriend urged him to tell Anchorage police detectives what he had witnessed the man confessed. He had been writing Zeiger truck six months earlier when Zeiger picked up a male hitchhiker Zeiger asked to borrow all the young man's gun and then drove to a secluded area placed the barrel of the weapon against the hitchhiker's head and forced the hitchhiker to perform oral sex on him. Seiger then shot the hitchhiker and threw his body into a pit at the anchorage. Landfill investigators used a metal detector. Her at the dump to find the empty rounds from a nine millimeter pistol. Their next step was to see if they could match the markings on the cartridges to the barrel of the young young man's gun and substantiate historian and officer drove to the man's apartment to collect the weapon while he waited for the warrant to arrive Zeiger or appeared at the home went inside and then left a short while later officers were never able to locate the pistol in question and with little evidence evidence and only the eyewitness testimony a one individual prosecutors declined to press charges against Seiger two months. After after the discovery of Beth bannon's body eighteen year old Shirley and Jones was seen leaving an anchorage nightclub with a man. The next morning warning. Her body was found in a truck yard. On the east side of anchorage she had been severely beaten and raped. She was alive and unconscious when found but she died a short time later in August. Nineteen seventy-one Zinger nicknames. Easy Mason decided to hitchhike like from her home to an auto body repair shop to pick up her car when she didn't show up for work the next day her boss contacted her family and I want her parents called the repair shop. They learned Z.. Z. Had never retrieved your car. Six days later children playing in a gravel pit near the the intersection of Sand Lake Road and Diamond Boulevard found the body of Z Z mason hidden under a tree. She was naked below the waist according to the medical examiner. ZZ's face had been brutally beaten and she had suffered numerous stab wounds at the gravel pit. Detectives found blood and drag marks leading from a set of tire tracks. Diseases Body suggesting she had been killed elsewhere and dumped at the pit the unusual tire tracks x-games investigators their first lead in the case the tracks were made by the heavy tread of tyres used to gain traction in mud snow or soft sand but what made the tracks unusual was it appeared three before tires had been mounted backward. A gravel truck driver called all the police and reported seeing a young woman hitchhiker who matched the description of Z Z mason. Climb into a pickup truck with two men. The driver said what he saw the same truck later parked at the back of the crackle pit words easies body was found the second time the driver saw the vehicle only a man and woman more. We're in the truck and they appeared to be kissing. Ralph kiner called the police to tell them he was riding with Gary Zeiger. The afternoons easy disappeared appeared. Connor said Zeiger picked up a young woman. Hitchhiker and then dropped op kinder near Anchorage Fire Station. Kinda reported Zeiger had had a large knife on the dashboard of his truck. Gary Zeiger boss at Arctic Pipelines Inc said another employee reported saying exile after washing his pickup at Campbell Creek on the day of ZZ's murder police bound the unusual tracks near Campbell Creek and felt they were making progress in the investigation. Since the sandpit where the children found CICI's body was outside the Anchorage city limits both the Alaska Alaska State troopers and the Anchorage Police Department investigated. The murder troopers obtained a search warrant Zeiger truck and noted three of the wheels. Those were indeed mounted backward on the pickup. The interior of the vehicle had been cleaned but investigators found small spots of blood in the truck including a smear on the inside of the driver's door. Detectives arrested Zeiger and held him at the State Jail on seventy five thousand dollars bail ale in an era before DNA analysis lab technicians tentatively match the blood smear zeiger truck disea- Mason's Jason Blood type due to the excessive press coverage and public outcry over the murders Beth fanton Shirley Ann Jones uh-huh and Z Z Mason. The judge ruled an impartial. Jury could not be found in Anchorage for the trial at he moved the proceedings to Kodiak back at town on island two hundred fifty miles or four hundred into kilometers southwest of Anchorage Concerned about the influence lots of news coverage surrounding the trial. The judge ordered the jurors sequestered in a hotel where they can be isolated from news reports. SEIGER's lawyer John. Larson admitted that on the daisy disappeared. Zeiger picked up a young woman and drove her around in his truck. Doc but he claims Zeiger dropped off a woman. Awhile later. Larson said Zeiger was unsure whether the woman was easy Mason analysts determined the blood on the door of Zeiger truck was human but they could not definitively matches easy. An expert testified. The other bloodstains found in the vehicle belonged either to a human or a high primate but he could not determine the blood type nor the sex of the donor. He also could not testify how along the blood had been in the truck an FBI lab technician testified. Zeiger tires were similar to the cast. Made from the treads left in the San Dan pit but he wasn't certain the tires on Zeiger truck made the tracks in the sand Zegers boss. Michael beaver retracted. His a statement about Zeiger washing his truck and Campbell Creek on the day of the murder. Despite a large amount of circumstantial evidence nothing directly tied Zieger diseases murder. The defense put three witnesses on the stand who claimed they saw easy alive and well several hours hours. After she reportedly climbed designers truck finely Zeiger himself took the stand and calmly denied harming Z.. Z. Mason. The jury deliberated six hours and returned a verdict of not guilty on all counts. One Juror said Zeiger might be guilty but she and the other jurors do not feel. The prosecution proved its case..

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