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Doesn't necessarily follow so anyway. Have a really and see if it changes your mind. Object sort of skim through what. It's kind of sign but and yeah it's so why pulled away banging on about it because to me. It was an obvious distortion of the facts. And to me there was i. I consider myself on the left. Obviously and this is one of those issues where people on the left feel own tribe. I must be dark emu supporter. No no you can actually look at topics and pick and choose and make your own mind up and even on the podcast of the interview of the personal persons to people. Isn't it work together to write that book. Yes yeah mostly one but yes. Yeah and they were saying like when document book. They started talking about the debate and they just said that there wasn't one actually wasn't a debate. Bruce pascoe released. His book won an award da. So it's not just a case of we weren't actually presented with anything contrary and everything. It's just a case of being left. Who weren't actually presented really with anything contrary to what it was then. I know that we might have been polly sensitive to in. But like i was saying to you before the podcast like since that book's been released has been up a lot of noise. It's been out of for media. Watched a whole range of things discussing it so Yeah i have to concede on this Yes in media awards be persuaded. Which is i think a good thing. So saudis interesting and certainly. It's a very readable criticism. But it's not just a criticism of doc amy eight. It pints in a really attractive picture. Indigenous peoples locked stalls water. They were that why and how it should be celebrated not this fight celebration of this foul of this might up agricultural society that he was trying to really shoehorn indigenous culture into a western idea. Quite insulting really. If you're pro indigenous people you.

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