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Donald Trump, Brad Kavanagh, Trump Organization discussed on Thom Hartmann


To the third hour of our program. And I wanna get into just share with you a little interaction the camera Harris and judge Brad Kavanagh had yesterday. This has to do with the Muller investigation. Whoa. Going back to the always that. Oh, okay. Going back to the theory that that which. That. The reason why Donald Trump. Added Brad Kavanagh to the list of people the federalist society given him which ended up itself is obscene. Right. There were outsourcing to to nonprofits that are funded by billionaires and corporations the job of picking supreme court Justice. But federalist society came up with the list, and then Donald Trump added breath cavenaugh to that list after brat Kavanagh's friends got into the mania Brad Kavanagh thought that a president can't be. Can't can't be questioned even much less indicted for a crime. So the question then is. Is there essentially a conspiracy here? Between. People and the Trump organization. Or people close to or affiliated with the Trump organization by organization. I don't mean just the Trump companies, but also the the administration, in fact, I should probably say administration is there a conspiracy between the administration. And Brad capital? To explicitly and specifically get him on the court. So that he can lobby against any effort by a grand jury or by Robert Muller to submit a subpoena to Donald Trump for testimony for papers or for anything else that might lead to his impeachment or his indictment. And that would also blocking. So that's the question is there a conspiracy here. Before the hearing before the appointment was Brad Kavanagh talking to these people, particularly to the people affiliated with the law firm that represents Donald Trump, and Steve they represent Steve Bannon. That's that's the guy who is who's vetting the paperwork for the the Senate committee right now, he represents Steve Bannon. But the the law firm that represented Donald Trump. Is that law firm participating in a conspiracy with with cabinet. I mean that that's the I if she doesn't come out and say it, but this is what's implicit in this line of questioning coming from Senator Cadillac Harris yesterday, just listen to this. And check this out. It's about two minutes..

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