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Right. I mean everybody wants to feel relevant and so you know as we can really not only encourage our teams to make that transition make that my shift change also back that up with the With robust skills that enable them to be successful. I think that's that's a very good point and today we still. We've been relevance in our industry people still want to remain relevant And I think the only way to do that with all this technological change going on is to upskill some house at his training education certification. Whatever that is Take a mix plan them to that. Probably not everybody needs to be trained and everything. I'm sure you train some people in class on people and develop some people in our jaws. Some people in very sorta things on by bringing everybody together Kinda let study information. That Training Cross pollinate within the organization. I think an approach is out and approach that you perhaps took their. Oh yeah absolutely absolutely right. So you know We certainly had to ensure that you know individuals were trained technically on how to actually work within the cloud how to administer the cloud how to You know we use a combination of I as has You know how you know. Different individuals need to be Be Need to learn how to operate. Different components of the cloud would be you know just how to work Devops become a huge component of of what? We've what we've done how we've transformed really incredibly important to what we do Beyond that you know Safe scaled agile has become a big part of Oliver Development Shops. We operate very strictly according to those To that methodology and we also are expanding into other areas of our business right so using that across the board wherever we can and then you know. I tell is important as well and it making sure that we have a service delivery model that is scalable and as repeatable and as robust right so all of those different components are really critical to to overall success. I mean everybody has a role to play And you know it's it's upskilling. Everyone not just you know not just the technical folks who traditionally very successful on this side. Yeah 'cause even in my experience with some of the technical folks going into a cloud as a completely different environment. You're not in a data center. You're figuring hardware. Well you're configuring infrastructure for these days as opposed to physical very interesting there you said about the Service management the operation side the idol world. Where in some organizations that seen as a bit of a barrier now little bit bureaucratic. I don't necessarily think that way. I think it has a role to play in operations. When a role to play alongside the devops alongside the scale environment On as a component of the model and no longer being like this is the model. I think that that's important on the sounds like what you have. There wanted to ask you So you doing a lot of things with clouds. Question roundabout some of the other digital technologies. You've got I. O T Internet of things. A are now seems to be the next big thing to take on big data. I you doing anything with those types of digital technologies or are you thinking where they wasn't might do for the business thought absolute lambing in a where one of the largest software companies in the world. Right I mean we're in the top ten And relocated every single. One of them right. I mean it's critically important that we provide a very innovative solution to our customers and an NFL. Just to be frank..

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