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That Yes. To me. Any football is good football, right? I don't care what time of the year it's played, so I don't hear how you have to play what you have to wear. I think any footballs good football, But there are so many obstacles to overcome And right now it's it's It's mainly complicated by the fact that we still think that there may be some teams that play this ball that I mean, we'll see If that happens. We will see if that happens and everyone has to be safe in order for that to happen, But I'm not convinced that there is going to be football this fall. I just I'm not. I know that place is want to go full steam ahead, but I really do think In the end, it will be about the safety of the players first and foremost. And so I mean, look, this may be the time and we could talk about this to a czar. Last thing we can talk about here for players to organize. You know, the players don't have a voice. You are a college player, and you're a pro player. You didn't really have a voice as a college player. Do these players need a voice tohave and sit at the table and have their feelings be heard? They should They most definitely should. And and they are starting to be heard. But I tell you what if they want to be heard even louder, and they want to still play. What's wrong with trying to file an injunction? Um and say, Hold on a second here, we could still hit the pause button and see what happens in a couple of weeks. And don't think that it's just a matter of liability. In case somebody were to get sick and somebody were to die. Yes, there is liability there. But what about some of the lawsuits that may come from players that said, Hey, you have harmed my future potential earnings. This is I mean, and this is where we're at right now as well because there's there's no answer is a good answer, right and there is no right and quite honestly, I don't think there's a wrong because it's a lose lose situation, right? And look, I'm hoping that they're that something things get figured out to a point where we can see some football in the winter or the spring from the Big 10 and the Pac 12 and the Mac and all that that that to me would would salvage it in some way, if I knew that that was going to happen, this wouldn't be as much of a blow. But, you know, we love college football in the fall and all the pageantry that comes along with it. We love it as much as anybody but the same time we want to make sure this thing is being done correctly. Let me ask you guys a question. I know you guys probably up against the break, so I'll make it quick. Would you rather have a full 2021 fall football schedule as it's already on the calendar? Or would you be willing to modify that so that you could get a handful of games in in in what? We're calling the spring football? I would. I would be okay with modifying it. As long as I knew that we got games. I would be okay with it. And if I knew that everyone could follow the same protocols and know that it was safe and know that like it's the kind of thing was outside tested and that we knew people could have zero positive so that we know well, we know those guys get on the field that they're going up against people who are clean. It's like what In MBA games were not worried because we know everyone has been tested in that bubble. What I would say is the modified, scheduled at the Big 10 released last week to me was an interesting and very cool schedule. The crossover games are great. There were built in moments of Hey, if we need to take a step back, actually thought it was very well thought out schedule. If that was the schedule that appeared something like that in 2021 you get a few games at the beginning of 2021. I'm down with that. How about you, Johnson? I am and I'll tell you what I'm down with If we we get to January 1st, and who knows what we're talking about at that point knows if there's a vaccine or if there's a better way to treat it with somebody does get it. That's that's the wild card. But when January 1 rolls around I tell you, I am going to throw one of the best parties and you guys are my 1st 2 inviting you get it. We're there. We'll be there for you. Let's hope it happens. And let's hope we do get football. Thank you for bringing some clarity. Clarity to this discussion with us. You can check him out on in the trenches is his podcast is other podcast is conquering heroes, which is great. You can hear Mom playbook. John Jansen. Thanks for joining us. John Jansen, 77 on Twitter and my right? Yep. You nailed it. I appreciate it. Thanks for your time, fellas. You're the best. Keep doing what you do. All right. There you go. That that clarity. I couldn't say the word clarity. That was my problem. I couldn't say that's unclear you are. It's unclear. I am all right. Let's take a break. Difficult situation You heard from the guy right there. He told you it's weren't a difficult situation. And you know what? That is the mess. Hopefully, we get through it on the right side and people stay health as you mention this program is brought to you by rocket march by Quicken loans, rocket mortgages with you every step of the way to provide a seamless mortgage experience. We're right back. It's Cabral is filling in for Jim Rome in.

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