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This is not a thirty day make it easier the 21day no complaint experiment and you can put this near calendar certainly there is an overabundance of negativity complaining and criticism on the internet and we lose fact of we lose sight of the fact that it is really a positive reinforcement applauding what you want uh and not exclusively punishing or criticising what you do not like or want that elicits change you do need certainly at least both and positive reinforcement that goes for yourself and your inner monologue your inner voice as well so you want to improve your life and this has already been tested by tens of thousands of folks via the blog if you want to tip the domino uh like we discussed earlier that affects many many other domino's inc increases your quality of life doing a 21day no complaint experiment is a really really effective way to go about that and it also very quickly eliminates just how often most of us complain without any type of outcome or action coming out of it so check it out if you go to tim's blog forward slash complaint i created redirect so timid up log forward slash complaint that will take you to a blog post which you will see his little dated two don't mind the discussion of switching to the mac that was some time ago but the headline is real mind control and then subtitle the 21day no complaint experiment and it takes to rate through exactly how to do it and exactly how i'm going to be doing it starting outright meow so.

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