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Quakertown with no problems to report in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center I'm Billy Dawson time now for a check of whether here's NBC ten first alert meteorologist Krystal klei good morning looking like a pretty good weekend overall we do have some morning showers out there though they're all pretty quickly by late morning mid day we start to dry out and we're looking actually little sunshine breaking through this afternoon especially late in the afternoon forecast high today is only fifty three degrees so it is a cool day it'll be breezy as well but tomorrow looks great we're clear overnight we are chilly a low of thirty eight Sunday morning but we'll get to sixty four in the afternoon it'll be partly sunny and again just a touch breezy or fifty nine for the forecast Monday though more showers in the forecast in fact Tuesday looking at some showers as well it's windy in order to sixty four degrees by Wednesday we are mostly sunny with a forecast high of fifty seven I'm N. B. C. ten first alert meteorologist Krystal klei with your most accurate forecast count on it currently here in center city overcast and forty six heading up to fifty three there are more than two point two million cases of covert nineteen around the world at least a hundred fifty four thousand people have died US cases stand at more than seven hundred six thousand with at least thirty seven thousand dead New Jersey reports over seventy eight thousand coronavirus cases resulting in thirty eight hundred plus fatalities the numbers from South Jersey more than forty seven hundred cases a hundred seventy eight deaths from Pennsylvania there are more than twenty nine thousand cases seven hundred fifty six deaths all of those in Pennsylvania eighty five hundred sixty three are in Philadelphia along with two hundred ninety eight of the deaths test results have been a radic this week but health commissioner Dr Tom Farley says the numbers suggest the spread is flattening I can't say that we are seeing decreases or if or when we will see decreases in the future is that right now it's like about a flat total about five hundred cases per day Delaware County records twenty two hundred eighty one cases with seventy four deaths there are sixteen hundred eighty nine cases in Bucks county seventy seven people didn't make it seven hundred seventy three positives in Chester County with twenty seven deaths the state of Delaware reports twenty three twenty three as its case number and sixty one is the death toll there've been more than seven deaths in Montgomery County connected to the core corona virus that is there have been seven more bringing the total to a hundred thirty five more than twenty four hundred county residents have tested positive why W. suburban bureau chief Jim network reports county officials are urging residents to keep following those stay at home order quicker because the commissioner valor because says she does worry.

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