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And I I don't think this is specific. But the so often Jimmy we talk about players who they've got all the shots, and they just sometimes lack self belief in the critical moments. Well, you know what? Daniel Collins does not lack self belief indep good for her. All right. Let's switch over the men any anything else on the women's side. I mean weird. Did you see the Maria vegemite campaign? I saw that that make I saw it over here. I saw that in your in your fifty parting thoughts but weird weird. I gotta say of a little not often you see tournament sponsors throwing. Shade. Is you kids say on one player particular little strange, but I I don't know if she commented on it. I was gonna ask that anyone. I don't think she would she shut down other lines of inquiry that she found adverse I've such big feelings about Maria Sharipova these days in some ways, find her so admirable and another ways I still feel like there's still a reckoning that hasn't quite happened. But we don't have talk about that. Now has confirmed she will be sticking around. So no. And I again, I think there's a lot about her in the way she goes about her business at really is admirable and something other players would do well to emulate, I still think there some. Old we'll deal with this another time. All right. Let's talk about men three anything new. The saints. What other teams from women we should hit on any strange match. Now. I mean, how up and and thought that that was a good match. How much is was terrific yet high level tennis. And I thought holiday we can't can we can I can I make a point here. I was just thinking about and I feel like hasn't gotten. It's do you mentioned holiday. You could have said this for any. This is such a strange time for tennis. There is so much politicking and backstabbing and narcissism and sort of behind the scenes chaos and these stupid competition over this eight this ATP World Team Cup that I think is just an atrocity and meanwhile, the tennis is terrific in. I would suggest that the overall character of the players has never been higher. The actual people hitting the ball are wonderful. And you literally could go down the list, and it it's sits a possum Francis hall up. Let me literally go down the rankings in. They are funny and cool and diverse in there. It's there's literally no player that you really can have any sort of adverse feelings for and the adults. They all Dulce in the room or the ones that are sort of mucking things up and empty suits. And but the players themselves just are awesome. Every player that you mention though is under twenty five right? Like, I mean, a young player people that you're talking about for the most part. Do you think I wonder if the adults who I mean Dmitri, I mean, literally, I feel bad even like, you know, enumerating and picking out names because you're gonna leave someone off. I I mean, I think one theory, obviously, when federal doll Jovic Maury are terrific, and the, you know, obviously, the analogs on the women's side when the people the top of the game are but cooling accommodating and thoughtful, right the person, right number thirty seven isn't going to be a jerk. I so I. I think a lot of this is probably top down and leaders setting culture. But I just you know, I did these interviews for tennis channel, and you'd sort of hang out and wait for the players to come and got. I mean, just men women old Yang veteran American Chile. Like in the middle of the interview tried to look over to congratulate Mackey McDonnell the player he had just played. He said to me. Oh, just this guy's really good. You know, how good he is try. I mean, it's not like some of that in one after another sport was like trying to impress upon the media, how good the competitor. I mean, I just find men women old young rookies veterans. That's interesting. It's such a nice group of players..

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