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Who listened to the PODCAST? Raise your hand. I see about two people the listeners at all we are at CDN animation expo. Right now at Saturday night and we're here doing a live podcast light. Let's hear it again for the live audience. This is Tom Bancroft. We're excited to be here specifically talking with two very special young ladies about their careers as artists social media so Let's do this again. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA say your name we're GonNa try this okay. Can I try this of course yet. Okay so because I have a card we serve with you. OUGHTA Asia Hausky scaring the dust and marshalled. OUTSCA is with US tonight. In the we have Laura Laura Laura lower upper hours anyway no whereas Serene Sarah get every very single one of those words wrong. Yeah you're GONNA do it. Got Your name as we are here tonight. Talking about what how to boost your career as an artist using social media and I think you were saying earlier. You have many followers over one million one million on Instagram Laura Laura in one and a half million twitter sites about one hundred seventy thousand followers pat cheer the law for the mentioned the twitter pants. I mean some of those same people oriented soon that it should be to be a front. How many do you have? Oh Gee I wasn't ready for this. Gets three hundred ten thousand no. We don't active press heard a million a million happy. I will say Tony Got. Let's it's just move on time. I think I'm up to seventy two thousand two thousand. I mean it's cute I really. I love my followers though. So I think my cute little herbal fam- you guys have an army small. I mean we can still enter a countries. Iceland has like four hundred thousand people. You CAN SPIRA era. I really get him get organized. Something one but you feel change the world. Yeah it's kind of an interesting thing isn't it. Have you ever thought about mobilizing. Your followers are happy mobilized your followers very specific way by calling them out to do something it kickstarter or anything else we always do some sort of challenges. Like Jonah's and your style or kick starters writers or you had a really successful kickstarter for your book. Rake Bush student. I launched my book and kick starter.

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