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His confusing to me because you know you hear these place names thrown into descriptions of historical political you know not just battles but countries change hands things change names and i was never quite a one hundred percent confident in the difference between monrovia and meriva for instance and i could never 100 percent tell what moldova elm or moldavia were so i put this little rhyme together in order to kind of tease out ear or give myself a little jumping off point to remember and have meaning it's not important in my daily life to know you'd oversight this as you walk the dog or whatever it was a matter of fact over the years it became a kind of mantra for me i would walk around really like it was it was a thing that would kind of peace me out kong's you down yeah just something i cut you off and traffic you're just monrovia meriva model of our moldavia the little a little it would just it's like saying omer hurry krishna it just started to be a little like a little song but i would saying if i stuck in traffic it it reminds me of her kuna matata yeah that's right monrovia meriva suffering although moldavia its dow passing khrais is and so then it then it suggests all these other things like i'd like to visit all of these places because on the same trip well it'd be a hell of a trip are their direct flights from monroe murray i don't think there are but it would be a heck of a adventure like it's an example of an adventure for no reason probably like i'm going to go to these places because i made up a little song about them twenty years ago because the age of exploration is over i was thinking about this where we talked about the darian gap you know that in in humanities tireless quest to map every part of the planet we did it so well that now there's nothing left you know seemingly nothing left little are very few empty spots left on the map there are although i think there are huge parts of like sites.

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