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Or are you the same high? What did your legs cost, and what are your legs made out and end? So when people ask that, I get the pick my high I say no God did 'cause you go back to your normal high. Your hips work a certain way, and that's what they need when they ask them. What's that cost say, I don't know you'd have to have tax dollars fade forum asked what are they made of? I'll say hopes and dreams until my answer those three questions era, go, man. Well, we appreciate you coming on the show. What's next for you? What what do you have next? What's what's long-term future? What your goals a lot of people all social media don't know this. But I work for a country music singer names, Zac Brown of Zac Brown band. Yeah. And he loves Brown, absolutely. In a health create and run a veterans program here at his camp. So the ground in Georgia. So in the summer town, we service kids those the autism spectrum. What we got kids vol abilities through a week long can in the wintertime, my staff takes over and we run a veterans transition programs. We bring veterans in weaken the time in religious try to show them. What Ave experience to be the the really effective mentality in needs some transitioning? Successfully. And then we bring in a lot of experts through strengths bond or any grams in Italy have guys and gals. Learn what their strengths are what resources are and how to utilize them and mitigate them and go out, and in the key takeaway is your vet, and that's a huge deal, but you're civilian now and be successful utilize those skills, but be successful in the civilian world. Don't don't sit around and look at the excuses that are piled up in. So that program's been really successful. We're still building get how does somebody find out about that program? Where can they find more information? It's really easy camp southern ground dot work.

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