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Needs edibles. No, at least at least she doesn't have a family history of diabetes. Oh, I just went there. But no. But but back to your point she she is very enterprising. And I think when she is through with tennis whenever that is interesting to see what she does. She's not going to be, you know, giving tennis lessons at the club. What else should we what else we wrap with strange time of the year for for tens? Did you watch any Davis Cup action over the weekend? I was you know, holiday weekend. You know? I had a. Congratulations. Thank you. I suppose this was predictable. But everyone self included lobbied rallied for change in the status Cup is unwieldy. And no one follows it and four weeks out of the year a radically space playing best to five tennis is completely out of step with the times. And as directed. The head of the ITF blows us thing up. We're gonna put a new proposal on the table. It's going to be condensed. It's best of three sets. We're going to compress this into one week. It's going to be in one central okay shit. So everyone can buy tickets ahead of time in the sponsors can come knowing where it is. And it sort of addressed the various and sundry concerns. People had with Davis Cup. And now, we're all become very nostalgic. And I don't know if you saw some of the tweets or as Mary referenced heard some of the so quote from the French team with my a team that lost saying, you know, I've played in the last Davis Cup because what's coming next is. And can no longer be considered Davis Cup. And we had a number former players saying, it's what a pity. No one can experie-. This. We've suddenly become very style. Gic to me. It's really about. Whether this financing is the financing, they say it is because you hear two very different stories. And if this is the the billions and billions of dollars that were bandied about that's great. And I think you can do a lot not just in terms of inducing the players with with big checks, but also with marketing and promotion, I've also heard figures that say that as wildly exaggerated, right? And it's more like fifty million dollars, which would not necessarily. So you think changes you think that if the money's not there the player interest in participations not gonna be there? Yeah. But I also think what else do you do with that money? Right. You promote it, and you use it for corporate sponsors and use it for events and hospitality. And you make it into a thing. If that money, isn't there? It's it's going to be an interesting could have been interesting first few years. And I also think we still. Haven't figured out this date on the calendar, and the IT f from the very start is sort of let it be known. I don't know if they publicly said this. But certainly there been whispered that this dove member date is a placeholder and they're really trying to get September date. Ironically, enough the September date targeted as the one that coincides and corresponds with Roger Federer's labor Cup. I'm not sure, you know, you what's what's the word from the wire to line. Do you pick a fight with a king, and you best not lose? I'm not sure the smartest strategy is to go after there's not any better open weekends in that September. No. And remember, it's it's after the USO very when when that was put on the calendar begin with we all were kind of like, man, I don't know if that's gonna work, but I guess now that has sort of proven, right? This is perfect in that time. Right. Because you're you're coming after the US open and it's competition, but they're not huge points on the table there. Also, it's a week that most players otherwise wouldn't play. It's not a terrifically strong week in terms of the other ATP events it fits really nicely. I think it's going to be quitter for I think it's gonna be interesting because labor Cup was, you know, the had the benefit of just being a.

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