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Again <Speech_Male> <hes> Robert heinlein <Speech_Male> stranger <Speech_Male> in strange land is <Speech_Male> a spiritual story <Speech_Male> really. <Speech_Male> <hes> man <Speech_Male> comes from Mars and <Speech_Male> encounters human <Speech_Male> culture and brings <Speech_Male> his March and thinking <Silence> with them Severi. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Spiritually <SpeakerChange> oriented <Speech_Male> story <Speech_Male> nothing intertwined <Speech_Male> through many <Speech_Male> elements of our lives <Speech_Male> existence <Speech_Male> robot now <Speech_Male> You're a wonderful <Speech_Male> individual <Speech_Male> shits grinding <Speech_Male> sorts into this <Speech_Male> mammoth <Speech_Male> piece of work. <Speech_Male> One! <Speech_Male> It's one <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> I suspect mammoth <Speech_Male> would probably <Speech_Male> would be a great way <Silence> to phrase <Silence> it. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> It is <Speech_Male> a bit law. Yeah, <Speech_Male> about one hundred <Speech_Male> fifty seven <Speech_Male> thousand words I think <Silence> <Speech_Male> And <Speech_Male> It <Speech_Male> seemed to need that <Speech_Male> to tell the story. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> As, I <Silence> got working on it. <Speech_Male> I didn't <Speech_Male> want to I mean <Speech_Male> I could theoretically <Silence> could have cut out. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> All I. Don't know <Speech_Male> how you do this, but I could <Speech_Male> have tried to cut out <Speech_Male> the spiritual <Speech_Male> aspects <SpeakerChange> to it <Silence> the Odyssey of it. <Speech_Male> But <Speech_Male> I don't think it would have been as <Speech_Male> interesting. <Speech_Male> Cool, isn't <Speech_Male> it? Get <Speech_Male> me it wasn't. It <Speech_Male> was my reason to write <Speech_Male> it. <Silence> I understand <SpeakerChange> that. <Speech_Male> So. <Speech_Male> It ended <Speech_Male> up having to be that <Speech_Male> long and certainly <Speech_Male> Oh, I <Speech_Male> do think though that <Silence> the payoff is that <Speech_Male> I. <Speech_Male> Try My very <Speech_Male> best and I. Really Think <Speech_Male> succeeded in making <Speech_Male> sure that I didn't leave <Speech_Male> a reader of sunlight. <Speech_Male> What happened <Speech_Male> to this thread? <Speech_Male> One of the things that drives <Speech_Male> me crazy film <Speech_Male> and television <Speech_Male> and <SpeakerChange> <hes> <Speech_Male> books. <Speech_Male> Author <Speech_Male> will give you a <Speech_Male> plot <Speech_Male> thread and then not <Silence> complete it. <Speech_Male> And I didn't want <Speech_Male> to do that, so I <Speech_Male> think I've got all the threads <Speech_Male> wrapped up at the end <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> so <Speech_Male> some of them took awhile <Speech_Male> <hes> <Speech_Male> to be explored <Speech_Male> into <SpeakerChange> work their way <Speech_Male> out. You've <Speech_Male> closed all <Speech_Male> of the open loops <Speech_Male> of the story it <Speech_Male> Spain. <Speech_Male> A massive <Speech_Male> achievement view <Speech_Male> congratulations <Speech_Male> on this wonderful book now <Speech_Male> when people <Speech_Male> want to learn <Speech_Male> are the more <Speech_Male> about you <Speech_Male> or get their hands <Speech_Male> on your <Speech_Male> book. Your books <Speech_Male> should I say. <Speech_Male> Where are they <SpeakerChange> going to <Speech_Male> find you? <Silence> <Speech_Male> The <Speech_Male> website organ <Speech_Male> pipes <Speech_Male> of the soul, all <Speech_Male> one word organ <Speech_Male> pip es <Speech_Male> pipes of the <Speech_Male> oil dot <Silence> com. <Speech_Male> Has <Speech_Male> <hes> a link <Speech_Male> to purchase that it <Speech_Male> also has if you <Speech_Male> if anyone <Speech_Male> wants to to check <Speech_Male> it out the first three chapters, <Speech_Male> the first point <Speech_Male> of view characters, all <Speech_Male> three of them Arthur, <Speech_Male> L and <Speech_Male> coyote. You get <Speech_Male> their introductory <Speech_Male> chapters <SpeakerChange> before they start <Speech_Male> interacting with each <Silence> other or else <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> So! They <Speech_Male> could read that and if <Speech_Male> they like what they've read, <Speech_Male> then <Speech_Male> they. Can you know <Speech_Male> hit the pre purchase <Speech_Male> order up until August <Speech_Male> twenty fifth one <Silence> goes live and <Speech_Male> they'll get <Silence> you know they'll be buying <Speech_Male> the book <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> as a purchase purchase <Speech_Male> very <Speech_Male> exciting. Thank you <Speech_Male> so much now for everybody. <Speech_Male> Here is on the coldest <Speech_Male> today <Speech_Male> as customary <Speech_Male> I will be creating <Speech_Male> some links back to <Speech_Male> Robert and <Speech_Male> his wonderful <Speech_Male> book now. <Speech_Male> This <Speech_Male> is in pre <Speech_Male> release at the moment, <Speech_Male> but <hes> get in early. <Speech_Male> Because I'm sure <Speech_Male> you will <Speech_Male> not be dissatisfied <Speech_Male> with your purchase. <Speech_Male> It's going to be <Speech_Male> good rate now <Speech_Male> with all of that being, <Speech_Male> said robot. You're <Speech_Male> a fantastic individual <Speech_Male> of really <Speech_Male> enjoyed spending some time <Speech_Male> with you on the <Speech_Male> my future <SpeakerChange> business <Silence> show today. <Speech_Male> Thank you <Speech_Male> very much, thank <Speech_Male> you very much. I've enjoyed <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> talking <SpeakerChange> to you <Silence> <Advertisement> and good. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Male> Thanks for <Speech_Male> joining us today.

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