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A lot of guys feet sonawane having socks on unless you take care of your feet. Will you loons thank you. Let's get to the c. Cj wintering what you sleep in of me to ask you for years. I like sleeping in the nude. I mean unless it's somebody in perversely being in the nude and sometimes a cock ring. Are you serious. Thanks very heavily. Why do you see cochrane. Why well sometimes. If a pleasure myself. And then i blow than i fall asleep and then it's like but then i'm fine with it so we knew so question. Follow up when you okay so when you pleasure yourself you put a cock ring on a yeah like or even sometimes when i just go like out. I want to say i had went on. We went to the glatt awards. Oh altogether our rondo. Ones like devil. Feel like the filling. Where do you place a co cochrane on your this ridiculous. Maybe it's already discussion on the shafts adult around the ball area will lately. I've done a will. I have one of that. It's like an opportunity. That so i can put it on the cock and the ball off and then i tend to do another smoke just around the balls and then another one around the balls and then another one around the both because it lives it. Why did he you like how feel your way. Fields is just mentally from me. It's not like walking around. Like full gear look Fucking big bro. But it's like mentally from the elegant and what is it. Do to your penises and make it. Harder does it. What does it do my balls being wrapped with that many grains does it kind of fluffs it up a little more than around with my cock. Just like the feeling especially if i'm turned on it just keeps it probably my remember. My lobbying member not know wonderful. Wow if you like it then you should have put a conquering on it. You're welcome absolutely love. it malone proctoring. I assume no sleep in a to top in a miniskirt. I imagine if. I did know leaving shorts being on at walmart. Those fake Jeans shorts and like an old frills at walmart and palm springs probably three years ago and they had they had. It's like a sweat materials short but it looked like jeans and had like fake zipper picture and printing. Go exactly what they are. I am in those all the time i have to say to myself. You're not wearing. Because i walk stephen them my dog. I go out and about knows. And i'm like this is so tacky. what am i going to become. Nicky what are you. Everyone's turned turned on right now. So did you wear when you sleep. It's either naked if the kids are here and the kids unusually in like some ratty ass nasty ass. Grandma continue is either super naked or super. Grandma there's no in between Roth well i'm like a young jessica. Simpson nothing but a t shirt on t. shirt panties. That's really what i do. Yeah so cute panties you grow with because men do wear lingerie like it's hot. I wear boxer. I dont wearing anti eyewear. Boxing fans and nothing about your six. Scottish manatees tease. Not speaking fetishes. Hey everybody when we come back if you gotta finish there may be a way to spy if somebody else shares that what's been telltale. Sign your the answer coming. But i i i do have to just quick break. Take my coffin. Talk your man. He's off case august. Anybody anybody who owns a rents a home. Me orion a lot of hard hardware keeping your home. Amazing you know it's easiest bundling policies with geico guy 'cause there to make it super easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance ride along with your auto policy and it's a good thing because you know j. You're so busy who isn't we have so much around the house. So why don't we all go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could say. It's gyco easy visit. Geico dot com. Today that's guy cao's little dot com now back to straight talk with. Ross matthew i yes. Welcome back to the program Breaking news before we get into a story. I saw run by. We do have breaking news. I if i can bring one of the liz here please bella. Welcome back to the program. we discussed talk rains. Prior in the first act bella conquering news. This is this is a brown eye witness report. I bought my first one awful. So cj had you've had a caucus discussion with cj prior to today okay invested. And you didn't tell me about ross. Ross talk to cj about cochran's you see something you say something. That's bright round. Eyewitness news is all about so you were calling out brown i. It's not what i came up with. No tonight brown witness. It's brown eyewitness. News so belly. You had spoken to jean. Please feel free to come in here and chime in on this too. I mean maybe you have a cochran. i don't even know about it. Everyone's keeping caucus seeking to me. I gave mine away to goodwill. They're selling it for nine. Were offering the..

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