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750 gripping pages. So I thought it was passed overnight, but apparently there's the voter. I think there were some procedural votes. So it's not over. And of course, they had to eliminate the $35 a month cap on insulin. That just kills me. That is just absolutely disgraceful. It is. Every member of every member of the Senate devoted against that should be thrown out immediately. That is absolutely disgraceful. Well, you're doing the bidding of the drug companies, obviously. Yeah. But what's more important, the drug companies are the people that need insulin. If you need insulin, you need it. You have no choice. You have no options. People are literally having to choose between paying the rent and getting their insulin. Yeah, I think that's a shame. Anyway, the battle continues. John tester of Montana, a couple hours ago, said three hours unless they add a bunch of other stuff on. He said another one. We may be getting close. Thank you, Sam. Thank you, Leo. You want me to stick around? Oh, what am I saying? Yes. Stay here, Sam. Okay. Don't go anywhere, Sam. I forgot, you like to do that. And I much appreciated, and there's a bunch of questions in the chat today. So let's see. Let's go through some of these. Somebody here is saying that they, oh, circus monkey says he's looking for a hybrid. Fortunately, for you, circus monkey, there are a lot of hybrid options, more and more all the time. In addition to the battery EVs, and there's some really good ones out there. Depending on what you're looking for, we've got hybrids now in pretty much every segment, almost every segment available. So if you're looking for a full size pickup truck, there are hybrid options from both Ford and Toyota. Now, for the F one 50 and the tundra. Going down in SUVs, the explorer Toyota highlander. Both have hybrid options, smaller SUVs, like the Hyundai Santa Fe. And the Tucson both have both hybrid and plugin hybrid options as well as the Kia sorento. And the sportage. And then smaller sedans or midsize sedans like the Toyota Camry. The Hyundai sonata, many others are all available as very fuel efficient hybrids. So there's a lot of choices out there for hybrids. There's also a plugin hybrids, which can be a great option for a lot of people if you want to because most people do 80% of all driving daily driving is less than 40 miles. So you can if you get a plugin hybrid, if you have the

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