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What will happen when Clark metropolis and man? I understand the nature of the cereals. A much like the first episode of the George Reeves Adventures of Superman. You really didn't give me anything. Well at least you know the the George Reeves George Reeves Adventures was it was designed to be episodic so the first episode had an actual ending to it whereas this designed as a serial it was designed for people to come back over and over to see the next part so it was kind of like right along movie. Type thing they lie. Leave you on a cliffhanger so you WANNA come back and see the next chapter of the story but one one day. Play this like in the local nickelodeon and the forties by people begun to see like a major pitcher. This would play before that we keep people keep going to the theater to see movies every week. You'd see this scene news real. Yeah you'd see stuff like that. That's precisely why I'd always left on a cliffhanger. Absolutely you'd get short from much three stooges heck yeah man. I mean it was a thing when you go. You'd get a whole bunch of stuff you get a newsreel. You get you get three stooges shorts. You'd get Superman serial and you'd get a movie or something. Movie Theater is the best way to wash things do you know how old Kirk Allen wasn't he made his debut as Superman? I do not think against sixty five. Take a real forty two thirty five thirty seven thirty seven well. Same Age George Reeves. I really is you. Boys Know How old Chris was when he debuted a superman. It's like twenty four twenty seven twenty four. I'm pretty sure at least when he when he started filming. He was twenty four and because it was about the same for Brandon Ralph to US right around the same age as well. Henry cavill was a couple of years older like twenty seven. That's okay that's one. I'm Howard was dean. Dean was in his late. Twenty s early bird was dean an early thirties. Twenty four when he was cast and Superman movie so that was Christopher Eve so just interesting to think about like you know. We always think of the idea that Superman.

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