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Also. He's not sing any of that music. No, which people people really? Ended up liking that music more like that ended up being one of the big takeaways was like men. Joe Exotic has really good voice like for people who I wasn't really paying any attention to it that much, but. Turns out. He wasn't saying that he was like softly leasing over top of an actual singer who he paid. Make those albums granted still showing a degree of narcissistic genius that if he hadn't been arrested for murder could have one day got him elected president, but like that's not a thing that a non narcissist like thinks to do is hire a band to play music and let you pretend. Can't right, but that's the same mentality right like of at a certain level of power and narcissism. You start doing the thing where you just like. Build these monuments to your own bullshit, miffed like self, mythology, ising, or like you know whether it's Kim Jong Hoon like had like eighteen holes in one or his dad like eighteen holes in one and a golf game where like with the flight even say that who gives a fuck or just joe exotic being like? Here's a fake ass song where I can actually sing, because that's my brain, it's just like the same shit playing out from levels. He did run for President Yeah, you do, and probably would have been the second worst person to. The, post office probably Pro Kelly office up and running. Loom Baby Tigers. Ship around. Just live on these little baby tax I love on them. So The New York Times magazine had a panel of experts for an interview on how to restart the world. No Way Yeah you. Reese that yeah, yeah, reset. Obsolete I think. It's I think it's more like we. This whole apocalypse has been more subtle and like slow and boring than I. Think any of the apocalypse is we had imagined. Up to this point, and I think the restarting is going to be more like slow offers full of stops and starts. Than than we're imagining right now. They got you know they? A lot of people are curious. You know like what what does normal look like. We were talking about this last week. What the fuck is normal anyway anymore and like what's the return to that? Even from like a social distancing social distancing standpoint and a lot. What these experts said they had like you know people in like bioethics. Bioethics like epidemiologists and Varela just sort of all talking, and they're all kinds of saying the same thing like the only way we get back to what we thing is normal or the way we can curb this social, even relaxing, the social distancing is we need more testing and we have to rapidly be able to test and we have to do. Contact tracing that's way more efficient to get a handle on anyone talking about that ship before this is like it's just full of shit like it's overly optimistic to look at that and one of the more kind of striking things as they were the I think the person conducting the interviews mentioning this June date because I think a lot of people are saying like June could maybe be the beginnings of some relaxing of these social distancing guidelines, and again they were sort of like now without that testing, not without properly like said you know in the United States, especially like we're not even in a complete lockdown as a country like they're still eight governors who have yet to really make. Moves on this, so it's like I don't know how you can think. This is were really handling it when we're still just allowing other places in the country to keep moving on when other countries we've been going through this have had to lockdown entirely and they said in terms of industries like maybe manufacturing construction would come back I, because you can reasonably keep six feet away from somebody, and like exercise social distancing there, but he said the this one expert said if you're talking about concerts, gatherings, fucking sporting events and shit like that who are saying Oh. Yeah, October! Twenty twenty were good. This one expert is I I seen. Quote is no idea how they think that's a plausible possibility. I think those things will be the last to return. Realistically. We're talking fall twenty twenty one at the earliest. Twenty twenty one. That's one okay. That's one expert. Okay I don't WANNA put. Already putting queries out for cyber lectures and cyber performances through twenty twenty one right, it's I. Think Yeah, when you look at it and our inability to actually test properly like you know in Texas. The governor thinks they're going to open up real soon. Because a couple of walgreens are going to have testing sites, it's like no, we don't. We're not even close to the capacity of an Iceland who has really been able to test? Anyone granted their population is. is much smaller, but like those are the levels we need to be at to be able to sort of safely. Say like Oh yeah, it's safe to go out, or it's safe to resume these parts of life like we're just like. We're looking at a lot of data that we don't have it, so they're going to keep this going. They're going to get rid of the post office. Wait till after the election so that any protesters will just die. Right. Now I know what Halloween's GonNa. Look like okay. Okay I feel like the blood serum testing. Like that looks for antibodies. If it turns out that you can't get covid nineteen twice or that, your body produces an effective antibody like most other viruses I think. That's going to become a thing like at the end of the movie. Contagion has a whole section where people after A. Bunch of months of social distancing again that viruses like way deadlier and kills basically everybody who get sick with it. But they then create A. Vaccine for people to get, and they then do like a lottery where like by birthday and like, if you have a which is how they actually did it for the Vietnam War, but people have good birthdays. Get the vaccine I and so forth, and then like once you get the vaccine you get. This government issued bracelet that allows you to let go back out in public and I feel like that is the best we could hope for is my. My God like that. It would be that uniform I. think the bad version of that is the rich people are the only people who can get the blood serum antibody testing to find out if they had it or not, and if they have the antibodies, and then they're the only ones who are able to go out in public, because that's what we saw with the testing to find out if you had the disease in the first place was. The maximum NBA players. Can I mail in ballot now, right? That's I'll just send it now. How `Bout we all vote right now. I'm voting Marianne Williamson write in candidate. Big ORB energy. Bring it on home. Speaking of movies about the coronavirus pandemic. What one that kind of keeps coming up? That you might not have expected to be the embodiment of a modern day crisis. Actually one. I did I called it. I knew it. It's my favorite movie of all time me, too. Oh my God. I didn't know that about you. Gang. Yeah I saw. It was like my whole claim to fame. Just. See Miles. I like up until age eight. It was like my whole thing was how many times I'd seen jaws and like I was. Drew Sharks on everything. It was really. Just out. Josh shirt that says pause. Cute so anyways I do shout jam.

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