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To say. There were a lot of white faces behind him with masks, not a lot of black faces. Carl, Douglas with us here on ESPN radio Carl. What do you make of that sound and thank you for joining us first of all Dan? Thank you for having me on your show man. This is a fabulous platform and I. Appreciate all that you do got are doing. That is the essence of what I am fighting out. And the police commissioner in New York has been more forward thinking that others on the news. But there is a culture here that we have to continue to struggle against. There ever to be any true reckoning and Change The pendulum is going to swing back toward the police some time soon. Another COMP IS GONNA get shot. A white woman somewhere has gone a good brutalized and the American narrative, then going to shift back. To the law and order. I'm not sure if this is the beginning of the end. Or the end of the beginning. What I also WANNA. Talk about though Dan yesterday. I I mentioned to your listeners about Martin Guercino. G. You G I N O. He's that seventy five year old white man that we all saw be pushed down by stormtroopers. I WanNa make sure your listeners keeping Martin Gino's name firmly on their lips because he is not in fair condition. I don't care what the public statements from the House of says. Dan I'm not a doctor, but I've been a personal injury lawyer for thirty five forty years and I know enough about medicine to say that Martin Gould Gino have sustained a traumatic brain injury. And at seventy five years old. Less, than one week after the injury. There is no way of knowing the full extent of his mental injury and suffering. Dan! Bleeding may now be under control. But Martin Gavino faces a lifetime of uncertainty because his brain has suffered a serious injury. Is Not. In Fair condition. What needs to happen in terms of Police Reform Carl and what can happen. What will happen? What are you optimistic about here? Let me tell you all think. I get this off. The top of my tongue I have been working and thinking so that. I can best prepare your listeners for for my insight. Because there is a time that we can all think about what we can do to make police better. You hear the narrative right now. That is that is that it's a popular de-fund the police. I'm a messenger Dan and I don't think that's a strong a messaging tagline that we should use. particularly in an election year there's an old political concept that says if you're explaining in politics. Then, you're losing. And whenever someone talks about defunding the police. There had to explain what they really mean and the next sentence. But reimagining the role of police officers is not such a radical idea. Let. Experts do the job that experts are trained to do. I want you to. Make sense right. I suggest you. Dan that COP should not be sent to nine. One one calls when there is a mental health crisis. Cops are trained killers, not social workers. Mental health experts should be sent on those call instead. And the money used to finance. Those calls should be redirected to mental health experts so that they have the resources to do their jobs well. Dan when you realize that only five percent of all arrests are for violent crimes. That could mean a lot of money for mental health experts. Let's say thirty percent of all nine one one calls are help calls due to a mental crisis. I say then we should redirect thirty percent of the resources, a police staff to mental health experts. Send in the experts to the house to help the family if they're not if they're distressed, don't send him the train killers. It makes perfect sense to quote your president. Last week. Dan I mentioned the tragic case of fifty-six-year-old Orel newness senior. And you and I S. He's a husband and father of seven. He had never been in trouble before in his life. His daughter caught nine one one for mental. Health crisis intervention. Mr Nunez was unarmed. She never thought the cops were going to suffocate him to death. He was a little bitty guy. No taller than STU got. It's funny because you know. COPS will be the first to say that they are not a social worker. And I say believe them. Away, guys, you know. I was watching your show initially for about six months before I realized that's do God's wasn't like sixty three or something like that. People think I'm five nine and that he's much bigger because his voice is impressive. Call stay there for a second because we're up against, it will come back to you in a second nearly as oppressive Carl's voice, my God they got. Facing long? Six seven, he really does. Dan. It is time for straight. Talk brought to you by straight talk wireless for the second consecutive day. We'll do with Carl Douglas as he continues with us here on the Shell. Pennzoil performance live so Carl. Had you finish that thought on police reform because to God says a question for you, but I didn't think that you were finished. No I hadn't thanks first of all. Thanks again for allowing me again a second session. I'm talking about or newness senior Dan because your show has power man. Your callers inundated the Chula Vista. Police Department forcing but chief Rebecca Kennedy to make a statement after I went on your air last week to ask about or Nunez Junior. He died on March thirteenth, but it was only on Friday that the police department made a statement talking about the tragedy of his death, but saying that Mr Nunez death was proper. To kinda understand Dan. To sixty percent of the inmates at the La County jail have a diagnosed mental illness. Experts should do what experts do. You tell you man that they're. They're not social workers I believe them. My mom always told me. Stu Gods that if somebody tells you think good enough for you. Don't argue with them. Believe them. Take them their word. So I stay believe the train killers when they tell you. They're not social workers and move the money that you spend on them to mental crisis calls. To mid-off experts to properly trained people in such crises so that they're no more oral Nunez seniors. To got what you WANNA ask me. While I was wondering car. When you hear the San that, we played to start last segment the New York City police officer. Railing against you know talking about all the good cops out there I'm wondering. Do you empathize at all with the good cops out there? I tell your listeners don't feel sorry for the COP. That is the life they choose man..

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