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What about notre dame what about notre dame that's you got his playing and like i said a minute ago what about notre dame lane kiffin name what hold on a second lane kiffin said dave aranda was the toughest d coordinator he faced in the sec take that jeremy pruitt that kevin steele take that jon shave his lane kiffin big fan of lsu and dave aranda we'll mush ample join us in a few minutes he had a big year last year remember that went over jim harbaugh if if we'll must have never wins another game he will forever be my hero for knocking down jim harbaugh how cool was that anyway welcome to friday very special day it's always one of those important days on the calendar you get the good friday you obviously know it's spring he obviously noah time of the year it is and you know how important the state is but we have a big big big shove on tap mesh shampoo join us shortly so we'll fibber mcgee what's ryan the gay doing here tonight is anyone no i have no idea what are we talking about sister jean who isn't talking about sister jean andy landers dear andy he will join us to preview tonight's big game and shiwei corey also knows a little bit about mississippi state she was there last year she will give us a lot report from campus i your phone calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five and on this day of such meaning.

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