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They stop using. So they could sleep. Wow, and and so they would still sleep in sitting position yes. Yes, while so that's you stay where you are, but you would slate. Yes, so literally they twenty four hours for seven days to seven days. So this is like so coach Yama Win Win. This master went and studied with Suwalki. Roshii this was like the training he would undergo. Yes, it's very interesting that it's fifteen minutes fifty, five, zero, five zero fifty minutes then than ten minutes of. Walking Meditation Walking Meditation of fifty minutes, seating ten minutes walking fifty minutes Tan all the way from two am to midnight. Yeah, except except city mead was on the show the X.. Throwing the meal while, and that would last for seven days is and the role of that. Was that a training? What was the hope if you went for seven days and trading like that? What was the hope? Will the purpose of doing such intense study? Practice I mean. You know so most famous thing. Is that ain't good for nothing? Good nothing that we go I. I had expected an answer like that. So, they just they just see so then I'm. So. OCOEE OSHII who very. Well known for emphasizing ZAN rather than the ritual meditation like the the rituals of the monastery. Yes, and so this is the lineage that you entered into this type of leaning Chinese. Tamara practice at that temple in that to a four three years three years. After three hours, be! At the end of their worldwide to you know they. They had to leave that emperor because to the rain talk your had to. Evacuate evacuate. From Tokyo, understate temple into countryside, so they had to leave. Wow, and so you this seven days. How often in a surfer three years and then? How often would you do the seven days? In. A year I think once a month once a month every month. How so twelve times a year maybe and then for the other three weeks of a month. What would you be doing in these monasteries? They do use your scheduled the morning then and. Morning savage. Chanting. Onto studied periodic and forty in the afternoon watching billiard. That was the. day skills you're. Okay, and then your teacher coach Yama, was he? Was He given? Did Suwalki Yoshi make him he's air or something like that. How does it work in in Soto? A. So Jim Morris practicing that to a research for three, and he had to leave the temporal and he he needs to moving around, so he became another formless monk. Homeless! Until nineteen, fourteen nine. I'd. Borrow emptied, improve empty. Temperament known they were. There are no for many members, so it's the empty without family member means without an income. Wow and so he stayed there that became his place so Oculus Bano that tim prove for his disciples..

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